Southwest Leaders Ask Bukhari to Open Nigeria’s Land Borders

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Southwest Leaders Ask Bukhari to Open Nigeria’s Land Borders

The governors of the Southwest and traditional rulers have called on President Muhammad Bukhari to reopen the country’s land borders, which were closed a year ago, saying this has caused untold economic hardship for people, especially in border communities.

“We believe that the long-term border closure has caused economic hardship and needs to be revised to alleviate the problems of people in the border communities and reduce the prices of some important raw materials. The closure needs to be reviewed and allowed to resume economic and commercial activity, ”the leaders said.

It was part of a communiqué issued following a meeting of interested parties with the Chief of Staff of President Bukhari, ministers, the Inspector General of Police, the Director of the Department of Civil Service (DSS), and other agencies. Security was held at the home of Lagos, Alaus, Ikei on Sunday.

The communiqué was jointly signed by Rotimi Akeredola, Governor of Ondo State, who is also President of the Forum of Southwest Governors, and His Royal Majesty Enitan Adeye Ogunwusi. The Uni of Ife meant all the rulers of the southwest and the main traditional rulers of the region.

The communiqué commends the president and his administration for their reaction to the initial demands of the #ENDSARS protesters and for their firm attitude towards the aftermath of the protest.

The region condemned the aftermath of the #ENDSARS protest with its negative consequences in Lagos and called for concrete measures and proposals to address the damage to the physical infrastructure and economic assets of the Southwest.

“While the original #ENDSARS movement raised legitimate concerns, it was taken over by criminals and other elements with complementary and negative forces and degenerated into anarchy.

“It is necessary to take preventive measures to prevent a repeat of what happened in the country after the #ENDSARS demonstration. Security must be strengthened in all states. “

He wants a greater police presence in the communities in the area, as this required adjusting the national security architecture to adequately respond to the threats and realities of insecurity in the country.

“We want to encourage Nigerian police to respond to their needs and encourage them to do more to protect lives and property and improve security across the country.”

“We are aware of the harmful and negative effects of fake / fake news and are concerned about the destructive and dangerous power of fake news. We ask the federal government to use existing laws and regulations in other countries to provide protection against the spread of false news. Cyber ​​Act 2015 will also be fully utilized.

The Southwest also called on the federal government to ensure that the technology is effectively used to improve the security of Nigeria, rather than destroy it, by working with technology and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to allow gate control and maintenance.

Calling for a concerted effort to urgently break the deadlock between the Academic Staff Union (ASUU) and the federal government so that students can seriously return to school, Southwest also called on the federal government to come up with a comprehensive program on youth employment, emancipation, and a revision of higher education curricula. educational institutions with an emphasis on skills acquisition and entrepreneurship.

“Priority should be given to a comprehensive program on employment and youth empowerment. Better coordination and complementarity between states and the federal government. In this regard, the higher education curriculum should be revised with a focus on skills acquisition and entrepreneurship.

“We ask that every effort be made to break the deadlock between ASUU and the federal government so that students can seriously return to school.”

He endorsed the traditional request of rulers for regular consultations with state and federal governors on issues facing the state and for proper recognition of their role in the Constitution.

Other requests expressed in the communiqué include “a review of the reports of constitutional conferences, including the 2014 National Conference, and the implementation of some recommendations, especially in relation to security, economy, equal treatment of citizens throughout the country.”

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