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WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Censored Vide! BREAKING: Spain Admits To Spraying Deadly Pesticides As Part Of Secret UN Chemtrail Program

Alex Jones breaks down documents that reveal a secret United Nations chemtrail program in Spain which sprayed deadly pesticides over the population to supposedly help fight climate change and COVID-19.

And the good news is…we Patriots haven’t even begun to fight! And there will be no turning back when the midterms are again hijacked by DEM Feinstein’s family biz – Dominion with another locked down vote. Without our voting power, we are slaves! They are Marxists, taking out our country! They are fully bought in and won’t change course now! Look at Canada caving into globalist communism. We must take out the head of the snake!


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  1. We’ve been talking Chem trails and the negative impact on the earth for long time n people think we are nuts. Glad to see this. Now can it be stopped

    • Whose going to stop it? The very ones allowing it to happen? Courts? They all play on the same team and only go after the ones causing waves.

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