“Speak, if it hurts, don’t die in silence,” Socialite PrettyMike tells men.

“Speak, if it hurts, don’t die in silence,” Socialite PrettyMike tells men.

Popular Nigerian socialite and club owner PrettyMike took to Instagram to advise men not to die in silence, but to express their disappointment in the event of betrayal.

In her post, PrettyMike noted that society is never receptive to devoted men. According to him, these men have been branded as “talkative” and are usually bullied by other men.

He claimed to have seen situations where many men found that their partners were cheating on them, but nevertheless remained in a relationship. She encouraged men to be brave enough to talk about cheating on their spouses, no matter what people might say.

Read his post below;

“Oh wah…. This is our society, where a man cannot express his pain without being called a chatty or immature person, how can you expect to know how many of us have been hurt, abused, and betrayed, and yet they stay in a relationship? Yes, I’ve seen a couple of cases when a woman cheats, but a guy stays ….

The fact that our male ego did not allow us to go outside and cry about our women who are cheating on us does not mean that this has never happened …….

Often women are empathetic when Day shares his stories with his friends, on the other hand, if a man shares these stories with his male friends, he earns bullying …

Finally, women find it easier to go online and cry, and the answer will always be in their favor; the usual phrase “men are scum” comes up, but if a man ever comes out, people around the world will say, “Talk too much Abeg, a lot of guys are dying in silence nowadays …

The Oga community on Instagram is here, feel free to vent your pain and vent your anger … You can’t coach the big boy from Lagos, work hard to provide for your family, and Dey will still be Fuchasing the lady up and down and you can’t say anything because people will laugh, if you let depression kill you, Dey will contact Fureturn to your home in Lekki and send your children to their relatives. “

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