SSCE 2020 Candidate Results – NECO

SSCE 2020 Candidate Results – NECO

The National Examination Board (NECO) said more than 30,000 candidates who passed the High School Certificate Exam (SSCE) in 2020 participated in one or another illegal exam.

The board announced on Wednesday the publication of the results at its headquarters in Minna, Niger, PREMIUM TIMES reported.

Council Chancellor Godsville Obioma said this was a defining moment for the council given the difficult circumstances in which the exams were held last year.

He also talked about the challenges the board faced in administering the exam, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the nationwide EndSARS protest.

“Dear members of the press, my dear colleagues, dear ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that, despite the challenges of 2020 that influenced the development of SSCE 2020 (internal) and our set goals, the Council has successfully completed all the processes that resulted in SSCE 2020 (Internal) results published. Results are published periodically after the last document was written on November 28, 2020. This is undoubtedly a great achievement ”,
He said.

Candidates can now access their results on the NECO website: using their exam registration numbers.

Break down

According to the council, a total of 1.22 million (1,211,447) people registered for the exam. This includes 665,830 men and 555,617 women.

However, 1.21 million (1 209 992) – 659 796 men, which is 54.53%, and 550 126 women, which 45.46% – actually passed the exams.

He added that the number of candidates with special needs was 160.

The Board also announced that the number of applicants who received credits or higher in English is 973,331, which is 82.68%, while 1,060,100 people received credits or higher in mathematics, which is 90.08 % of applicants who passed the exam.

A further breakdown showed that the number of applicants who received five or more credits, including English and Math, was 894,101, or 73.89%.

The Board added that compared to the June / July 2019 SSCE data of 829,787, there is an increase of 2.3 percentage points.

In addition, the number of candidates who received five or more credits, regardless of the English language and mathematics, is 1 112 041 people, or 91.91%. Compared to the SSCE data for June / July 2019, which was 1,042,989, there is an increase of 2.01%.

With regard to violations, the number of candidates involved in various forms of negligence in 2020 was 33,470, or 2.61 percent, while in 2019 there were 40,630 registered, or 3.53 percent of cases.

The council announced that due to its zero-tolerance attitude towards bad practices, 11 schools have been recommended – four in Adamawa, two in Kaduna, two in Katsina, two in Niger, one in Taraba and one in the FTS. for derecognition for two years for involvement in mass fraud cases / entire schools.

“In addition, twenty-four (24) executives have been blacklisted for a variety of offenses ranging from poor oversight, aiding and abetting, conniving at non-candidates to writing a response on a whiteboard, and so on.”

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