“Stop Killing Your Children” – actress Uche Ogbodo warns women against abortion.

“Stop Killing Your Children” – actress Uche Ogbodo warns women against abortion.

Popular Nigerian actress Uche Ogbodo on social media urged women over 30 to stop having abortions and stay pregnant, even if they are not married.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, pregnant Uche talked about her first pregnancy at 27.

The actress stated that she did not support abortion, so she refused to terminate her first pregnancy, despite the abuse from her ex.

She added that she does not regret any of her pregnancies and that it is very foolish for a woman over 30 to have an abortion.

Using the example of a friend who has not been beautiful since she got married, Uche says that marriage is not for everyone.

In the video, Uche said; “She’s married, oh, and looks haggard and old and ugly.

“So who is helping the wedding? If with marriage and an almighty man you are going to get married, you look terrible, without marriage, who knows what you will look like?

“Please stop killing your children, especially when you come of age. Birth of children. If the wedding comes, get married, oh, if the marriage does not come, now raise your children. “

He added: “I am 34 years old. I already have a child. This will be my second child. I have a boyfriend who loves me, I am happy and have a baby. “

“Who helps the wedding?” – asks Uche Ogbodo, advising unmarried women over 30 to have children rather than have an abortion. pic.twitter.com/I2uDfNUPsh

– Laila Ijeoma | Lailasnews.com (@LailaIjeoma) April 8, 2021

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