stop poaching our governors, says PDP APC

stop poaching our governors, says PDP APC

The Governors’ Forum of the People’s Democratic Party announced a donation of AD 100 million to the victims of the Tutuwada market crash in Zamfara State, warning the All-Progressive Congress to refrain from poaching its governors.

This was announced on Wednesday by Sokoto State Governor and Forum Chair Aminu Tambuval when he led the other NDP governors from Zamfar State Governor Bello Matavalle.

Tambuwal, in a statement from Special Assistant for Media to Rivers State Governor Kelvin Ebiri, noted that APC chose to engage in petty politics over the victim’s misfortune, rather than genuinely empathizing with the people of the state as you struggle with insecurity and the latest fire.

He said: “How many lives have been lost since the APC took over this House of Government so far? How many of them came here to sympathize with the people of Zamfara State?

“This is our house. We, the governors of the NDP, are not guests. We are completely at home, and no visitor can replace or displace the owner of the house. We returned home not as guests, but as the owners of this house to take pity on our people who suffered from this hell. I feel sorry for any leader who tries to take advantage of failure to get into politics. “

He also called on the PCA to refrain from political activity and save Nigerians from prevailing levels of insecurity and poverty.

Rivers State Governor Niesom Wyck also urged APC to focus on addressing the challenges facing Nigeria and to stop poaching by PDP governors.

He said: “We all know today how unsafe it is in Nigeria. Instead of focusing on APC and fighting insecurity, the party moves from one state to another to kick people out. Now you can imagine the insult, the party in the federal government that declared Zamfara a no-fly zone, the same party comes to convince you to join them. I cannot understand this. “

Wyck, however, urged Matavalla not to be intimidated by the APC’s antics, which he blamed for fueling the state’s crisis.

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