Stop Protest Immediately – Segalinks, Patron of #EndSARS, Warns Young People

Stop Protest Immediately – Segalinks, Patron of #EndSARS, Warns Young People

Segalink, founder of EndSARS campaigning, took control of any protest that went further after he claimed that politicians and business criminals used the protest for their own selfish ends …

In a series of tweets this morning, he warned young people that they would put their lives in danger if they insisted on protest after the government agreed to all their demands …

Viewing Tweets …

It is a symbol of a cult group that wants to crack a real defenses aimed at objectively engaging the government on behalf of the people in renovating our 90-year-old institutions and saving the lives of our young people. They want to own it and use it as a weapon against the state.

We strongly argued that #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG’s patronage is not a protest, although we argued that citizens have constitutional rights to show their grievances. Obviously, once the protest is fired up, the hijackers will infiltrate.

Since we started defending in 2017 and until 2020 before the start of the protest, Nigerians have not died due to #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG support, but since the beginning of the protest, we have documented deaths and it hurts because we never disclosed citizens are at undue risk.

We made progress with the Police Reform Bill and the Police Trust Fund without looking for governors and billionaires. It was organic, transparent and objective. There were no sinister plans to arm anything against anyone. But for them life means nothing.

Our organization remains committed to people without limits. We remain self-funded and do not ask for grants. We will not sell our souls and we will not risk human lives for greed and the desire for power. I’m not interested in 2023. Be careful there. This is a game.

We played our part and did what was needed. SARS has been stopped as needed and police reform is in full swing, starting with the approval of police bills as facilitated. However, some activated requests will take time to implement. Do not over-hold on the street.

We’re staying on course. Our longstanding dialogue with the authorities cannot be disrupted, and the movement cannot be hijacked, no matter how hard they try. Your sincere need to express grievance through protest is now being exploited. This is why they want to keep you in danger.

I hope that at this stage the authorities will do whatever is necessary and persuade people not to let these opportunists endanger other lives even after the demands are met. These names could be good if problems were not used by these lots.

Companies shouldn’t bleed to death as we stand for the best police. People don’t need to suffer anymore. It must end now. Exploiting the idleness of young Nigerians is an attack on their dignity with the commercialization of this protest. This is not a nation building.

All this is in the hands of the Nigerian “George Soros” and I implore the Nigerians to know. This is no longer a biological protest and you deserve safety. You have been used once and they try again. Another concert is being prepared. Be careful.

This is not a human being, but your safety comes first. My warnings may fall into dead ears again, but at least I tried. Protest is your right, but you need to know when you are being used. The fight continues and the government will be held accountable with no ulterior motive.

There are thousands of hashtags that groups and organizations can use to start their protest, but if you need to use anything related to #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG it should be in line with the platform’s vision, as explains
… We protect lives without endangering them.

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