Students at the Katzina school captured by militants share how they spent the night in Bush

Students at the Katzina school captured by militants share how they spent the night in Bush

Warring students at the State Science High School, Kankara, Katsina State, told their horrific stories.

On Saturday, students talked about the night they spent in the bushes after Friday siege of their school by bandits.

Many students are still missing and their parents say they are in trouble. They called on the relevant authorities to rescue their charges.

Sahara Reporter reports that hundreds of motorcycle thugs armed with sophisticated weapons attacked a boys’ school in Kankara, Katsina state at night.

During the attack, hundreds of students climbed over the school’s fences in search of safety, while angry bandits continued to shoot and demanded that fleeing students return.

The attack on the school came just hours after President Muhammadu Bukhari landed in Katsin and traveled to Dauru, his hometown, for a week-long private visit.

The siege of the Kankar Science School was one of several attacks on towns and villages in Katsina state from Thursday to Friday, in which gunmen killed some people and kidnapped others in unknown locations.

SS1 student Kabir Isa, who was among those who spent the night in the bushes after escaping, told DailyTrust that the entire incident was like a dream.

Isa said, “We left class after night training at around 9:30 pm and went to our dorms. At about 10:30 pm, after some of us had gone to bed, we began to hear gunshots, and the older students rushed to our dorms to wake us up.

“While some of them said that we must flee to save our lives, others said that we must first gather in the dorms to monitor the situation before taking the following actions.

“When we heard the approaching shots, we all ran to the fence and jumped into the bushes. Then the militants began to call us back, saying that nothing would happen to us, ”he said.

“We ran in the bushes for several hours, gathered somewhere under the trees and sat down until we heard the morning call to prayer,” he said.

He said that those who ended up at the school lost their phones and money due to the bandits.

Kabir told the Daily Trust on Sunday that most of the students were injured after jumping over a fence and crashing into a bus.

“But we thank God for returning home because we found out that the attackers kidnapped others,” he said.

The prefect, who does not want his name to be mentioned, said the Friday night incident was like a movie.

“Some of us thought it was the end of time … The shots were thunderous. I think the attackers wanted to kill everyone, maybe just to make the news, because we students have nothing to give them.

“And almost all of us are children of the poor, and so I wondered if they wanted to kidnap us for money or just kill us the way they kill people for no reason,” he said.

Another student named Yunusa said, “We ran and ran through the bushes for hours. Whenever we wanted to stop, we had no choice but to continue because we were scared and traumatized. When we were exhausted, some of us gathered under a tree to await dawn, ”he said.

Mukhtar, another student at the school, said he will return to his parents until the security situation improves. “You must be alive before you can become anything in life. I am disappointed that the president was born here.

“Judging by what we see, there is a possibility that one day every second person will be killed in Katsina and neighboring states by bandits who now rule like emperors.

“We spent the night in the bushes, and some of us who returned were just lucky. I’m sure some of those who lost their orientation would end up in a bandit den. It was painful because there was no water to drink and we were all exhausted, ”he said.

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