Suggest Plan B. Parents Praying To College Admissions After Failed Attempts To Get A Registration Code

Suggest Plan B. Parents Praying To College Admissions After Failed Attempts To Get A Registration Code

According to a report by SaharaReporter, parents and applicants for the 2021 Unified Higher Education Exam (UTME) have asked the Joint Student Admissions and Admissions Commission to develop a Plan B to facilitate the enrollment process.

One parent who spoke to SaharaReporters, Vershima Zaki, said the process of generating an electronic profile code delayed many applicants from continuing to register.

His son, this year’s UTME candidate, tried to generate a code after sending a text message with a national identification number to the service provider more than five days ago, to no avail, he said.

He stated that without an electronic code, registration could not even begin. An offended father expressed concern about the plight of the candidates, as the board has not yet provided an explanation or alternative means of registration.

He said: “My son has been trying to register his email profile for the past five days. We keep sending NINs in text messages, spending N60 on a text message, and they keep telling us they will reply to us. Worst of all, they don’t respond to anyone’s complaints.

“They just left us without giving any reason. My son went to the center to register, they said that he should come and register with his e-profile code, and JAMB does not help; no news or anything else, and I go to their website every day to try to see if there will be any news or information on alternative recording media, but there is no such thing. “

“Nobody from JAMB bothered to come out and explain that maybe they have something that they are coming up with, so if we can’t register through this process, we can register through another. Go to their Facebook page, there are a lot of complaints, but there is no response from the board, ”said another parent.

“Code 55019, you send them a message with your NIN, and they have to send back the code so that you can continue registering, but the message does not come all the time. It is impossible to continue registration without the profile code E. I think 50% of potential candidates are touched and nobody says anything, won’t they sit down for JAMB?

“If there is a plan B, they have to tell us about it. They should also let us know when the registration is over. Or will they continue to deduct the N60 for a text message? I didn’t sleep all night, someone told me to try at night, I didn’t like that until dawn, I still didn’t get anything. Some people even complained that they sent 16,000 N16000 just to get their e-profile code. “

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