Sunny Khalilu Puck: What EndSARS Protesters Couldn’t Do

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Sunny Khalilu Puck: What EndSARS Protesters Couldn’t Do

Royal Born Blue Blood, former APC Governor candidate in the last election and renowned Nigerian business tycoon, investor, speaker and philanthropist, His Excellency Prince (Doctor) Sunny Khalilu Shaibu, MD, President / Founder of OCTAQ Group. who has become Advanced to encompass financial audit and professional services, information technology, oil and gas, and telecommunications, this is a person with a touch of Midas entrepreneurial prowess.

A world-class leader, corporate pioneer, political scientist, government administrator, foremost philanthropist, management expert and eminent statesman of exceptional discernment.

Pursued by the principles of liberalism and the need to serve the people as their faithful servant, Prince Khalilu Sunny Shuaibu is a silent humanist born on January 15 in the quiet town of Ankpa, Ankpa LGA, Kogi state.

A model of quality and excellence, he is par excellence a man who believes that reputation is the cornerstone of strength and success. Therefore, he lives and continues his educational career with particular commitment and efficiency. He had the advantage of early exposure to Western education and the chances of success it guaranteed.
Among the many awards, recognitions and accomplishments he just received as a Youth Economy Builder at the prestigious Heroes of Democracy Award and is an Emeritus Fellow at the Institute for Public Resource Management and Policy.

In an interview with Rachel Piper, she talks about how she built her career and addresses the #endsars #endswat #endpolicebrutality youth protests that have shaken the heart of our country lately.

Please find the following interview:

Q: During your growth, what shaped you to become who you are today?

Answer: There are two things in life that you need to take with you when you grow up: 1) you must have a role model; look at someone you want to look like. It gives courage. Develop your stamina. Trust is another matter, because people need to be able to place certain things in your hands, which you control and manage.

As a child, I decided to go into business and today I am happy with the principles that I have adopted. The principles of involving everyone in the business. The principles of not fooling people in business and the principle of starting small. As a child, when I was attending an Islamic college in my village, I borrowed money from my mother, bought fertilizers and sold women in the market, which are also sold to farmers, and I earn little. I just graduated from high school and am buying some goods, like agricultural products, and taking them to other states. I usually take things from Ankpa to Onitsha and Anambra and then make some money.


Nigeria is a country where if you keep the peace, you will enjoy the world. Nigeria is doing great. People compare Nigeria to America … some countries in Asia and other parts of the world. It looks like things are not going well in Nigeria. Everything is fine in Nigeria

Q: Based on the talk in Nigeria, what can you say about the “End of SARS”, “End of Swat” and “End of Violence” protests against police brutality that have rocked Nigeria in recent weeks?

Answer: Let me start with End SARS. I just said that every problem … every problem requires an answer. The end of the SARS protest was justified. Let me tell you this: young people got together and said, “This is what we want. We are tired of this ”… and they made inquiries. I studied international security and cybercrime. I will tell you how the government works. The government has instructed several people to secretly go to the source of the information because there are sometimes requests. This is what we want … this is what we want. When the government tries to do it, people come up with other things … then the government fixes those things, and then people come up with other excuses. The government uses intelligence to find out what people want.


The protesters didn’t do one thing. They needed to name the people who would be leading, the people they would talk to, the people who would represent the group. This is where they went wrong and it looks like they are faceless. Some people will say they are noise makers, but they have good intentions. They have a request that they submit to the government, but they had to come together and say: “You are from this region, you will represent the youth.” Or choose a person from each state to represent each area. If you remember, the Governor of Lagos State, in his speech for three days, said that they tried to find out who the brigadiers were, but fought… here and there riots. It will be said: “I am the leader of the group …”. Another would say, “I …” They didn’t know who to hold on to, and these things kept growing. The people at the helm of the business are elected today. They are not military. We voted for them, so we must accept what the constitution says.

What struck me was Friday. Muslims prayed in protest, and Christians surrounded them, protecting them. Christians defended Muslims. I looked and said, “This is great.” This act deeply affected me. This shows that the problem is not with Christians or Muslims. It is not religious or tribal. It’s about what the country wants … what young people want. The truth is, from my point of view, the government is already responding to requests. This is a problem that has been resolved and the government is already responding as we speak, so let’s give the government a chance

Question: What advice do you have for young people?

A: Young people, I welcome you all. The truth is we are stronger than United. We must avoid spreading false information on social media. We need to check. Before posting or posting any information, you need to verify the authenticity of the items you want to convey to the public. These things can cause wars. I saw what happened in Uganda over 7 or 8 years ago. I saw a video during the action. They pretended it happened in Anambra State in Nigeria, and if I didn’t have the information I needed, I would believe it and take it seriously for the government. For some of our celebrities, Nigeria must exist before you make money, before you make a name for yourself, your fame. Before rushing to the media, check what you are sending


I want us to believe in this country, and I also want us to believe that we can join hands and make this country great again. Each country has its own challenge, and whatever we face. In this country, we must overcome this challenge, but we must unite strong and united people with which we must build this country and make it stronger.