“SWAT is like when NEPA changed to PHCN” – Rino Omokri’s reaction

“SWAT is like when NEPA changed to PHCN” – Rino Omokri’s reaction

Former aide to the president and author Rino Omokri has reacted to the formation of a new unit called Special Weapons and Tactics, SWAT, to replace the former SARS unit.

PGI Adamu had previously announced that the Special Forces squad would replace the Anti-Robbery Special Squad (SARS), which was disbanded after nationwide protests against its brutality, illegal arrests, extortion, extrajudicial executions and more.

Reacting to developments on his Twitter page on Tuesday, Rino Omokri insisted that the name change from SARS to SWAT would not be anything, as the new team would recruit the same group of officers.

He then compared the development to when NEPA was changed to PHCN with no noticeable performance change.

He wrote:

“The SWAT announced by @PoliceIGP is a gift from Greece. Without weeding out errant cops and recruiting new blood that must be trained differently and better than SARS, SWAT will be the same as when NEPA changed to PHCN # ENDSARS # EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria # SARSMUSTEND. “

Omokri also highlighted President Muhammad Bukhari’s tenacity on matters of public concern.
He said:

“General @MBuhari was asked to bring his WAEC certificate, he brought 13 SANS instead. He was asked about #EndSARS and he brought us SWAT ti SWAT. He was asked to restructure Nigeria and throw the resolutions of the National Conference in the bin. “

“SWAT was founded in 1964 to quell the riots that broke out during the American civil rights movement. Please investigate this yourself. And now that Nigerians are fighting for their civil rights, is the government coming up with General @ MBuhari SWAT? “

“They don’t even have original ideas. Since @MBuhari switched from khaki to agbada, they think they can switch from SARS to SW “

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