Sweet Love: A man takes his girlfriend on a helicopter flight to propose to her |

The man smashed his girlfriend’s heart with his love proposals. It turned out that a Nigerian man had come up with a good way to propose to his girlfriend by taking her in a helicopter.

Twitter user @GONnamoko, who shared the video on his page, wrote, “There are levels in this whole story of relationships. Sweet event. “

Read below some reviews from other social media users; Eyimofe wrote; “There are levels in these true things. Tears of joy like “Be it inside the aerocopter”. On the day Sef enters the airport, I will scream that everyone will notice that I say that Johnny Don is landing, “Topman wrote:” It’s a problem for those who don’t have the money to rent a helicopter. ” Clinton wrote: “Congratulations boss, every day

You guys continue to raise the bar with this proposal, Chigner wrote; You have finished all the styles, what comes remains on “

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