take part in ritual murders in the southwest with your energy.

take part in ritual murders in the southwest with your energy.

Oluwo to Yoruba Activists: Use Energy to Pursue Shepherds to Face Ritual Murders in the Southwest

Iwoland’s supreme ruler, Abdulroshid Adewale Akanbi, urged Yoruba agitators and freedom fighters to use their energies to end ritual killings by devouring thousands of innocent Yoruba sons and daughters, instead of attacking the Fulani shepherds.

The monarch urged agitators to be more interested in investigating crimes, rather than attacks on ethnic groups.

However, he condemned the abduction, rape and murder of some shepherds throughout the region.

Oluwo said no one could explain the number of lives lost in a day due to the ritual, saying it would be a disservice if Yoruba activists were unable to address the issue.

He said: “No crime is good, but there are more ritual murders in the south. Consume an inexplicable amount of our sons and daughters daily.

“Only a few were reported, many were not captured. Yoruba should spend more energy trying to checkmate ritual killers and openly protest against them. Someone’s son and daughter were killed by ritualists at that time. There is a children’s factory in the south. When do we protest against this? “

Both Akanbi claimed to be a preacher of peace and a united Nigeria, describing ethnicity as “the wicked and enemy of humanity.”

He said: “I walk the path of peace, and for me it is the path of honor. Nigeria’s ethnic diversity is too fragile to beat the drum of ethnic warfare. I remain an unshakable preacher of peace and united Nigeria.

“Ethnicity is wicked. No amount of faith predicts an attack on everyone because of a crime committed by a few. Pursue criminals and investigate crimes, not the tribe. Nigeria is a land of ethnic diversity. Our strength is peace and unity, not war. I never regret playing the drum of the world. We should rather cling to Fulanis to produce bad eggs among them, rather than completely ruin the tribe. Even though it is the Igbo tribe that is persecuted because of a few bad guys, I will defend the good ones.

“The Yoruba breed is one of the best with a rich cultural value. I love my people. I have never sold a single piece of land from my subjects since I took the throne. My salary is also for the poor in my hometown. For what benefit and for what purpose will I mislead or sell them? Never. I preach peace and truth. The path to peace is the pursuit of individuals, not their tribe. I will repeat about this. “

He also called on the government to provide quality formal education and modern parenting education for Fulani children.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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