Ten fugitives from Benin prisons arrested again by police

Ten fugitives from Benin prisons arrested by police again

It turned out that ten prisoners who had escaped from Benin’s prisons had been re-captured.

According to The Nation, ten of the 1993 inmates at the Oko Correctional Center on Airple Road, Benin and Benin Correctional Center on Sapele Road, who escaped on October 19 after escaping from prison, immediately returned to criminal activity and were again arrested by the police. …

Edo Police Commissioner Babatunde Kokumo on Wednesday unveiled 126 criminal suspects, including ten COVID-19 fugitives, arsonists and robbers, at the state police headquarters in the Government Reserve Zone (GRA), Benin.

The ten male fugitives re-arrested by the Benin and Oko correctional centers are Emmanuel Udoh, Friday Etim, Victor Akpotor, Lucky Precius, Osaroumen Enorragbon, Patrick Eguavoen, Abraham Matthew, Endurance Ifobuou, Mohammed Adamu and Gennadu.

Kokumo said, “We have taken action against criminal elements. You will also be interested to know that ten criminals who fled from the Oko Correctional Center on Airport Road in Benin and from the Correctional Center on Sapele Road in Benin were also arrested. One of them, having escaped from Oko prison, ran back to his village on the same day to kill a man who presented himself as a witness for the prosecution in the case that led him to prison. He is arrested and is among the suspects.

“Another group of three fugitives from a correctional center in Benin also hijacked a Lexus SUV. Three of them met at the correctional center and were detained by the police.

“A group of two fugitives also stole a Toyota Camry. They also met at the correctional center. They were arrested by the Okada Department of the Edo State Police Department. We have ten fugitives in total.

“The weapon was also confiscated from criminal elements. Those armed with weapons of destruction no longer lead peaceful protests. We want to reassure the good people of Edo State that the police are able to ensure that their lives and property are kept safe. For this reason, we dominate the public space.

“The stolen weapons and ammunition, unfortunately, will fall on members of the public. We leave no stone unturned to ensure complete safety. Edo residents must conduct their legal business without fear of persecution or fear of criminals who will come to destroy the violent attacks. “

The Edo Police Commissioner also said that citizen protests are allowed, but said they should not choose violence or criminal activity.

He said: “The #EndSARS protests became bloody, bloody, illegal and were hijacked by thugs and criminals who began destruction of property, arson, theft and theft, burglary, rape of women, murder. police officers on their bloody path to destruction, freeing convicted criminals and criminals, while some of them engaged in total banditry. It was very clear that criminal elements were actually taking over the #EndSARS protests.

“Peaceful protest is seen as a means of recording significant discontent, but we have seen the #EndSARS protests that have been hijacked by criminals and bandit elements. Some police stations were demolished, weapons and ammunition were taken away, warehouses were vandalized and looted, people were brutally attacked without a valid reason, unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians and unprovoked attacks on police officers carrying out their duties. and legal obligations have been taken.

“We have clear directives from Police Inspector General (PGI) Mohammed Adam to end all forms of violence, arson, lawlessness and reclaim public space, and restore public confidence in our (police) ability and ability to restore peace.

“I join the IGP to make it loud and clear that enough is enough. We will mobilize all resources (human and nonhuman) and all operational resources of the police to ensure that we restore peace on earth, where law-abiding citizens can carry out their legitimate activities without fear of attacks from thugs. “

Kokumo also said that five AK-47 assault rifles, two locally made demonstration guns, one locally made pistol, a Lexus 330 SUV with registration number: KWL 205 AZ, a Toyota Camry sedan with registration number: LSD 231 GD. , two 50 kg bags and a 25 kg bag of rice and 24 boxes of drinks in the range.

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