Tension as angry youths invade Akira’s palace in Osuna in an attempt to expel the Monarch.

Furious young men stormed the Akire building in Osun state on Monday, October 26, and tried to send Oba Olatunde Falabi after a crisis of legitimacy that shook Akire in the Irevola local government area. in the state of Osun.

The stool has been the subject of legal controversy since 1990, and the matter was referred to the Supreme Court and then returned to the State High Court, which recently ruled against keeping Oba Falabi on the throne.

However, it was established that the young men broke into the building early Monday morning, chased the guards at the entrance and entered the building.

According to the president of the Iravoli local government, Prince Remilekun Abassa, the angry mob rejected the soldiers who had originally arrived on the scene to take control of the situation.

“As soon as the military vehicle appeared, the crowd threw stones at the vehicle, not allowing the personnel to get out of the vehicle. Their actions ultimately forced the soldiers to request reinforcements.

“A few minutes later another group of soldiers arrived, drove the crowd out of the palace and took the monarch out of there to safety.

“No casualties were reported as soldiers and other security personnel took control of the city’s streets and normal life was restored in the community,” he said.

In addition, confirming the incident, a spokesman for the Yemisi Opalola State Police Command said that the security personnel had evacuated the monarch from the palace and placed the police in the palace.

He said that although a shot was fired at the armored personnel carrier stationed at the scene, no casualties were recorded and he confirmed that everything was in order in the city.

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