Tensions in Ekiti over alleged plan to lay off meeting workers

Tensions in Ekiti over alleged plan to lay off meeting workers

There is clear fear in Ekiti state about an alleged secret conspiracy by the State Assembly House to lay off some of its employees under the guise of personnel checks.

The list of injured workers, according to a close source in the immediate environment of the assembly complex, who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity, has already been compiled.

The source, who did not provide the exact number of workers to be laid off, said the House of Assembly Service Commission had decided to conduct a personnel check to legalize the alleged disengagement plan.

This came when state unions condemned the House of Assembly’s alleged plan to fire some employees under the pretext of screening personnel.

The work, organized in a letter co-signed by Nigerian Labor Congress secretaries Komsom Taiwo Akiniemi, Lawrence Kuluogan and the Joint Negotiating Council Gbenga Olovoyo, says unions will resist any attempt to force some workers under the facade. personnel audit.

In a letter dated January 11, 2021, addressed to the president, the Ekichi Hon Funminiya Afuye State Assembly House warned that firing any employee at that point would disrupt the regular and strong relationship between work and management. Governor Kayode Fayemi.

The letter, titled “Personnel Screening at the Ekiti State Chamber Committee, Need to Be Careful,” expresses disgust at the alleged screening, which is described as inconsistent with the spirit of trust between work and government.

He said: “It is very important to inform you that the attention of the union government leadership has been drawn to the work of the House of Assembly Service Commission by a letter dated January 9, 2021 from the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PSSAN). in relation to the personnel audit report, which is currently under consideration by the service committee of the House of Assembly.

“Union leaders were outraged by necessity at any actions under the guise of personnel audits aimed at disrupting the workplace among government employees in Ekiti State.

“There is no doubt that the allegedly affected employees have been placed on the unified government payroll system (also known as biometrics), acquired since 2011.

“Ekiti State union leaders are genuinely concerned that any action that could be tantamount to firing any worker in any government or ministry / department / agency (MDA) will be strongly opposed.”

The workers declared that they would not tolerate any act of persecuting any worker as a responsible leader, urging the assembly to absorb the spirit of negotiation.

“We urge the leadership of the House of Assembly Service Committee and, most appropriately, the Honorable Speaker, to stop any action that could result in the termination of any employee.

“Now is not the best time for such inhuman actions.”

But, having responded to the claim, the Honorable, the Chairman of the Commission of the State Chamber Ekiti. Taiwo Olatunbosun called this a monumental lie, stating that there were no attempts to fire workers.

The former vice president said: “For clarity, we are not firing anyone. Personnel audits are a periodic policy permitted by law to update our headcount and define our nominal role.

“I don’t understand what the union leaders said about the audit aimed at firing people. I mean, this accusation was wrong. We never intended to fire anyone in any form. “

Source: – The Nation

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