Tensions over cult suspect shot dead by Rival Cult in Ondo (photos)

Tensions over cult suspect shot dead by Rival Cult in Ondo (photos)

In Ondo, an alleged cultist was killed, which seems truly unexpected.

The suspected sectarian was killed by members of a rival cult group in the Akungba Akoko community, the Akoko local government area southwest of Ondo State, in an attack that looked like a retaliation.

It was discovered that a suspect in the cult known as A.Ya. Chiller, known for his notoriety in society, was detained by the gang and shot dead on Wednesday night, December 29.

According to the source, the deceased tried to flee from the scene, but was struck by opponents who left him in a pool of blood after confirming that he was dead.

The source said the murder may be related to the murder of Babatunde Adeluk Olubas of the Akungba Akoko community, who was killed by gunmen at a hotel in Akura, the state capital, on Boxing Day.

State Police Command spokesman Ti-Leo Ikoro, who confirmed the recent events, said, however, that the clash should not be seen as a retaliatory attack against the murder of Olubasa.

He said that the command opened an investigation into the incident with assurances that those behind the murder would be held accountable.

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