UNSW PhD International Scholarship in Australia 2021/2022

WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Tentacled Aluminum-Based Lifeform Discovered In Vials (SENSITIVE CONTENT)

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Mass production, distribution, and usage of an untested vaccine will normally unravel many hidden things inside afterward.

They did this super rapidly before the scientists and humanitarian organizations around the world had the time to discover what’s really going on…

The globalist’s depopulation agenda was already vastly introduced to people by many alternative media. As well as our website.

The people either wanted to believe it is a “conspiracy theory”, or feared that not getting the jab would do more harm than getting it.

Many were fooled in the process.

Be the judge of your own, after watching this extremely disturbing scientific presentation.

WATCH THE BANNED VIDEO BELOW: Tentacled Aluminum-Based Lifeform Discovered by Dr. Franc Zalewski! (SENSITIVE CONTENT)


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