Terrorists kidnap the groom and his best man as they return from a wedding in Borno

The groom and his best man were kidnapped in Borno state.

Terrorists kidnapped two people who were humanitarian workers in troubled Borno state when they returned from a wedding, humanitarian and security sources said Saturday.

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), the two were identified as a United Nations World Food Program employee who had just attended his wedding and a colleague from the International Committee of the Red Cross who was best man. ceremony. …

Sources said they were captured by the West African province of the Islamic State on Wednesday near the village of Jakana.

“ISWAP terrorists took two humanitarian workers hostage at a checkpoint they set up near Jakana,” a UN source told AFP.

The hostages were returning to the regional capital, Maiduguri, from their wedding in neighboring Adamawa state, when they were stopped at a fake checkpoint at around 12:30 GMT, the source said.

The WFP employee “celebrated his wedding on November 28 and a Red Cross colleague was his best man,” a UN source said.

A military source in Jakan confirmed the abduction of “two humanitarian workers” by Iswap terrorists.

On Wednesday, the United Nations issued a memo informing its staff of the abduction of “national UN personnel going on a private trip … by an NVG (non-state armed group)”.

The memo did not indicate which UN agency the abducted employee was working for.

The accident occurred on the 120-kilometer Maiduguri / Damaturu highway that crosses Jakana, according to a note seen by AFP.

In a statement on Friday, ISWAP said it had kidnapped “two Christians who work for the Red Cross.”

The Panel reported that the incident took place at a roadblock between Mynok and Maiduguri.