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The Timing of The Q Plan is Up to Trump! The Monstrous Midterm Red Wave! 2000 Mules’ Phillips & Engelbrecht’s Sheriffs Will Ensure Election Integrity Nationwide! Plus, Bill Barr: American Patriot or Deep State Puppet?


  1. The biggest problem with the 2020 election is getting people to realize that the CCP and in particular xi jingping has been waging an unconventional Warfare against the United States of America for sometime now, and because of that there was no defense and the people in general have no idea what was happening until after the fact. The CCP has been in bed with the democratics for quite some time, it basically started in 79 when the Carter Administration accepted the one china policy, and that Taiwan was part of china. Now at the time the Taiwanese government had problems which have been improved since then. One of the major factors for getting the CCP to make the push was how much President Trump’s policies had put the plans of the CCP in jeopardy and this was during a pandemic, that was what scared xi jingping into pushing all of the assets that the CCP had been building up for years and the DNC and the clintons, obama, and the bush administration’s have been basically just getting money from the CCP and not letting anyone know in the US. The problem for xi jingping was that the democratics weren’t really ready yet to do a complete take over of America. And since they were being pushed so much by xi jingping to make sure that President Trump was elected in 2020 and wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t be able to be President of the United States of America again. Now I will admit that this seems like a great conspiracy theory, but it’s not all one has to do is start looking at what was going at the time. Now you will have to go to other news agencies from around the world and tied in with this completely insane concept of the democratics have been doing that President Trump is such a bad person it doesn’t make sense why they have kept up this whole hate President Trump, no there has to be an outside source.
    Another point that has been ignored was the Report from the director of the NSA to the President after the election to make sure that there was no outside push for one party or the other. By law the report is to be given to the sitting President by Dec 18 to make sure that the election was done. Well the CIA which is one of the agencies that have to turn in a report to the NSA about what they had found was delayed till Jan 18 21 a full month after it was supposed to be handed in and two days before the biden crime family was sworn in (we know now how corrupt the CIA has become and that the clintons have some kind of power over the CIA.) And even though the Report said that there had been illegal outside help for the democratics, at that time they controlled the main stream media and pelosie had brought in 20k of national guard troops in the capitol after Jan 6, and not getting the report till 2 days before he was to turn over everything to brain dead biden. There was nothing he could have done at that time, he had been out played from the start because this is a new type of warfare wear the ROE is completely different than in a conventional war. But by stepping down, President Trump gave them some rope and now less than two years into the biden harris administration and it’s all falling apart.
    So my Patriot friends we just have to wait until Nov election’s and then we can go after these Criminals and hold them accountable for their Crime’s against America. God bless America and President Trump, stay safe and always watch your six

  2. Everything you’ve statedis dead on true.thesepeople have sold out our nation and should n will be held accountable .traitors to all of us n the nation we’ve fought so hard for.to many brave men have died in this fight n it’s got to be make rite.for this nation to survive….. We’ve see nothing to suggest that these in power have or will do anything to protect or better the lives of Americans. Only the opposite if people don’t see this by now,there’s no hope for them.there not able to realize what’s been happening all around them.n that my friend is the saddest part..god bless.thanks for your comment brothers

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