The 10 best Anapa hotels for families with children

Top 10 best hotels in Anapa for families with children
1 Hotel Utesov Best location and room views
2 Alean Family Resort & SPA Riviera 4 * Huge amount of entertainment in and around the hotel
3 Venera Resort Best for teenagers
4 Deauville Hotel & SPA 5* Children’s clubs for children of different ages, high-quality animation
5 Brigantine The best relaxing holiday with children
6 Emerald 3 * Affordable family fun
7 Rainbow Big beach, playgrounds
8 Dunes Golden The most affordable option on the first line of the sea
9 South Sail Beach vacation, simple fun
10 Grand Cruise Comfortable accommodation with the youngest children

Anapa is developing at a frantic pace, offering guests modern leisure facilities, the latest infrastructure and high-quality service. At the same time, prices cannot be compared with European resorts, while remaining acceptable for Russians. Visitors have access to a huge selection of places to stay for every budget, from simple hotels to five-star complexes. Entertainment programs, sports and playgrounds, funny animators are waiting for parents with children of different ages.

We have collected the ten best hotels in Anapa for families. Some are located in a busy city offering active entertainment. Others settled in the silence of forests and parks, setting themselves up for a relaxing vacation. Most of the nominees have a private beach, all have equipped swimming pools. The most worthy places were selected based on the reviews of visitors, their wishes and complaints were taken into account.

Top 10 best hotels in Anapa for families with children

10. Grand Cruise

Comfortable accommodation with the youngest children
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 707-80-75
On the map:Anapa, Pionersky prospect, 81
Rating (by reviews): 4.5

Opens the rating of the best Grand Cruise, which created excellent conditions for parents with small children. A nanny is waiting for them in the play area, there is a playground with simple attractions, pavilions with TV. In the evenings, there is a disco, team competitions and master classes. There is no separate children’s menu, but there is a large selection of cereals and dairy products. Formulas for babies are available at the pharmacy. The price includes breakfast only. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the sandy beach, the path is equipped for wheelchairs. There are plenty of umbrellas, sun beds and showers by the sea.

Guests celebrate free accommodation for children under 5 years old. The rooms are basic but spacious, the showers are clean with a large mirror. Consumables are regularly replenished, towels and glasses are replaced. In the room, visitors will find velor slippers, including children’s size. There is a free iron, ironing board and cooler on the floor. Dinner is served from 6 to 8 pm, many would like it later. There is another hotel near the Grand Cruise with a very noisy animation, you can hear it. There is only one paid toilet on the beach, there are few showers.

9. South Sail

Beach vacation, simple fun
Website:; Tel: +7 (861) 333-37-33
On the map:Anapa, Pionersky prospect, 300
Rating (by reviews): 4.5

South Parus is a modern hotel with updated rooms, buffet meals, decent service and simple entertainment. On a compact territory there is a complex of swimming pools, most often something happens around them. For children, there are small water slides, a play area, animation and a disco in the evenings. The territory is clean, as well as the rooms. Many people like the cafe and canteen with delicious food, but there is no separate menu for kids. The hotel is located next to the market and shops, by bus you can get to the main attractions of Anapa.

Guests celebrate a fenced beach with sandy shore and clear water. However, they complain about poor noise insulation in the rooms, the sounds of a disco can be heard from the pool. The dining room is on the basement floor with little space. Complimentary wine is served from 11 am to 5 pm, closer to night you have to pay for it. The territory is very small, parents with older children are advised to take excursions and explore the surroundings.

8. Dunes Golden

The most affordable option on the first line of the sea
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 250-83-50
On the map:Anapa, Pionersky prospect, 223
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

The Zolotye Dunes opened in Anapa relatively recently, quickly gaining popularity due to their proximity to the sea and affordable prices. All conditions for recreation with children are created on the territory: 2.5 hectares of greenery far from the hustle and bustle with swimming pools, playgrounds, competitions and the beach. Many people point to all-inclusive meals and children’s areas. The pools are heated and there are awnings on the beach. Animators come daily, conduct master classes and creative classes. Within walking distance of the mini-park “DyunoLand”. A pediatrician is on duty at the hotel.

Parents are pleased with entertainment throughout the day, children are not allowed to get bored. You can have a snack at any time, leave the child with a nanny. Housekeeping is not satisfactory, towels are changed regularly, consumables are replenished. However, photographers with different animals and fish / fruit sellers come to the beach. The rooms do not have a hairdryer, a small shower. In the morning, exercises take place, in the evening there is a disco. However, the music is the same, children get bored quickly. Teenagers get bored here.

7. Rainbow

Big beach, playgrounds
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 302-99-05
On the map:Anapa, Gostevoy proezd, 29
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

Rainbow has become one of the best thanks to a decent beach holiday in Anapa. The hotel area is small, but clean and comfortable. Children are attracted to playgrounds and rooms, there are trampolines on the street. Animation includes daytime and evening shows with local artists. Walk to the sea for about 10 minutes along a well-groomed path, the beach area is regularly cleaned. Umbrellas and rugs are provided free of charge. The food in the restaurant deserved praise, many people celebrate the pancake (there is no children’s menu). The staff are friendly and polite. Only the audibility in the rooms is good, music plays until nightfall.

Parents are advised to visit a playground with a special coating and an evening program. They talk about comfortable rooms, simple amenities and a standard set of services. However, they warn that the road to the beach goes uphill, it is difficult to climb with a stroller. The pool belongs to another hotel, so you have to pay extra for it. Towels and children’s water toys are provided free of charge. It is recommended to take the numbers away from the entertainment area, then the music cannot be heard. Of the minuses, food is allocated on a schedule, not everyone has time to come on time and finish their portion.

6. Emerald 3 *

Affordable family fun
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 707-95-96
On the map:Anapa, st. Chernomorskaya, 181g
Rating (by reviews): 4.6

Emerald 3 * is a combination of quiet rest and affordable prices. Animators come daily to entertain the children. Adults relax at the massage center. Playgrounds have been built, many toys are available, and separate places for bathing babies have been installed. There is no private beach, but the sea is nearby, there is a path to it. Visitors live in simple rooms with a new renovation, they are cleaned daily, towels are changed. The restaurant serves Russian cuisine, babies are offered milk, low-fat soups and desserts.

The reviews say about the diligence and hard work of the hotel staff, note the high quality of service. Many praise the animators who are interested in getting the kids involved. There are enough toys, inflatable rings, vests near the pool. There are no comments on the rest, which cannot be said about accommodation. Most of the complaints are about poor room cleaning, bed linen and towels are changed only after a reminder. Music plays loudly throughout the day, it is heard throughout the territory. The doctor only works from 4 pm.

5. Chestplate

The best relaxing holiday with children
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 200-50-11
On the map:Anapa, Divny passage, 15
Rating (by reviews): 4.7

In the middle of the rating is Brigantine, which occupies a large green area. For a relaxing holiday, there are gazebos, swings and fish ponds. Children and adults are entertained by animators, the fun continues until late in the evening. A sauna, indoor recreation areas, table tennis, badminton, billiards, games for large companies are available at any time. The spa awaits tired parents. There is a sandy beach within walking distance. Guests live in one of 8 buildings with modern furniture and design. The quality of food is excellent, three meals a day. Children are offered milk porridge, low-fat soups and meat.

Reviews say about friendly staff, varied pastime. There are cafes with pancakes, pizza and fruits on the territory. Many people praise the pool with slides of varying difficulty. They note that you don’t want to leave the resort, it’s not boring here. There are sun loungers, showers, awnings on the beach. But the road to the sea is not happy, it is not equipped. Many rooms do not have air conditioning. Music plays loudly all day, you can hear it in the houses. The place cannot be called the best for very young children, but it surpasses others in the quality of recreation with older children.

4. Deauville Hotel & SPA 5 *

Children’s clubs for children of different ages, high-quality animation
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 551-92-40
On the map:Anapa, Simferopol Highway, 26
Rating (by reviews): 4.8

Deauville Hotel & SPA 5 * is rightfully considered one of the best in Anapa due to its unique architectural ensemble. Cottages and small buildings are hidden in the shade of trees. Particular attention is paid to children: children can be left in one of three clubs by age. There are creative workshops for teenagers, master classes are held. Accommodation is available from any age, children under 10 years old are given a free bed. The restaurant has developed a special menu, nannies are waiting in the playrooms. The pools have small slides and heated water, animators entertain the children daily.

Reviews often mention food, saying that there is no such variety anywhere else. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily, during the day you can buy ice cream, juices, cakes. Rooms are equipped with modern amenities, towels are changed daily, minibars are replenished. The pools are cleaned regularly and the water is warm. The beach is also not satisfactory, there are enough sun beds for everyone. There are complaints about the spa area: it is small, there are often no places. At 6 pm, parents with children must leave it, later time is reserved for couples.

3. Venera Resort

Best for teenagers
Website:; Tel: +7 (989) 836-53-65
On the map:Anapa, Glorious st., 16
Rating (by reviews): 4.8

Opens the top three Venera Resort, offering a fun holiday for families with older children. Every day, animators hold games, sports activities and competitions in which you need to run, jump and compete. The food in the restaurant is varied, but there is no menu for young children, the same dishes are served to everyone. The beach is within walking distance, the paths are not equipped, it is inconvenient to ride with a stroller. The kids club offers dozens of entertainment programs for teens. Parents will love the impeccable service, friendly staff and freshly refurbished rooms. The hotel is one of the newest in Anapa, nothing has yet managed to break down or get old.

The distance from the sea is about 500 meters, the beach is large and clean, only algae can be found from the garbage. There are enough showers, toilets and cubicles on the territory. Rooms are equipped with a balcony overlooking the sea. Parents praise the animation, noting that the children can wait at the bar. However, room rates are overpriced, with most services available at an additional cost. The children’s pool is not heated and there are interruptions to Wi-Fi.

2. Alean Family Resort & SPA Riviera 4 *

Huge amount of entertainment in and around the hotel
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 551-92-83
On the map:Anapa, Pionersky Prospect, 28
Rating (by reviews): 4.9

The second among the best was Alean Family Resort & SPA Riviera 4 *, created for family holidays. The large complex is located in a well-kept park area with access to a sandy beach equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers and a wooden path. Guests relax around the outdoor pools, enjoy hydromassage, play volleyball. Little visitors can enjoy animation, a club, play areas and an amusement park within a 10-minute walk. There are slides for children on site, and the spa has special programs. The restaurant has a special menu, and adults choose from 8 bars, a pizzeria and a pancake. Rest is accompanied by a radio nanny; if necessary, they will be given a playpen and a bath.

In the reviews, the attentive attitude is noted, the administrators talk in detail about the placement. The restaurant has tables for children, a pediatrician works from 10 am to 4 pm, and a 24-hour pharmacy is open. Many praise the animators. Mothers with little children complain about the lack of an elevator to the restaurant; the stroller has to be lifted up the stairs. The rooms are clean, the beach is cleaned, and the all-inclusive package includes spa treatments. Adults may not be as fun as children, but all the standard entertainment is there.

1. Hotel Utesov

Best location and room views
Website:; Tel: +7 (800) 550-77-93
On the map:Anapa, st. Mayakovsky, 2b
Rating (by reviews): 5.0

The Utesov Hotel has deservedly become the best, because it is the only one built in the rock, and the glass facade allows you to observe the view. There are only 28 rooms here, the windows overlook the sea, the panorama is worthy of feature films. In addition to its unusual appearance, the hotel is known for its high level of service, the most refined interior, modern amenities. The rooms have LCD TVs, climate control, seating areas. Bathroom accessories are replaced in a timely manner, guests’ wishes are quickly fulfilled.

Small children can be babysit in a special room with toys and TV channels for children. The restaurant serves a special menu for the little ones. There is a seasonal outdoor pool on site. Parents love the no smoking throughout the hotel. Many people celebrate food in a restaurant, and hookahs declared on the site are served only in a separate grill bar. The reviews praise the service. However, the beach at the hotel is rocky and not the safest. For this reason, the institution organized a transfer to the famous Golden Bay with a sandy bottom.

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