the bandits live better than the workers of Kaduna, shouts Shehu Sani

the bandits live better than the workers of Kaduna, shouts Shehu Sani

Former Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani complained about the plight of Nigerian workers in Kaduna State.

The politician complained that he praised the workers of Kaduna for participating in the strike.

He said the strike was the right move on the part of the workers, as the massive layoff of workers by the state governor a few months ago threatened the plight of the workers and citizens of Kaduna.

In a statement he signed Monday, which was provided to DAILY POST in Abuja, Sani said the bandits were living in better conditions than workers in Kaduna and called on Governor Nasir El Rufai to immediately reverse the mass layoffs.

He complained about the situation in which the workers found themselves, said that they were turned into “beggars and walking corpses.”

The statement read: “The strike launched by the NOC in Kaduna is commendable.

“The massive robbery of workers in Kaduna State turned them into beggars and walking corpses and further exacerbated the security situation in the state.

“Strikes and protests by workers are fundamental and democratic rights and must be respected by the state government and the state security apparatus.

“It is immoral for any government to build an economic structure out of the bones of starving people.

“The bandits of Kaduna live better than the workers of Kaduna.

“I am asking the government of Kaduna to reverse the unfair and massive layoffs.”

Workers in Kaduna State launched a warning strike Monday, which was backed by the leadership of the Nigerian Labor Congress amid threats from the state government to arrest Ayubu Wabu.

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