The bandits plunder the villages of Sokoto and appoint the district leaders in those communities

The bandits plunder the villages of Sokoto and appoint the district leaders in those communities

Police, however, denied the development and described the story as baseless and unfounded.

A report by Vanguard revealed that notorious heavily armed bandits ransacked communities in Sokoto state, naming their members district leaders.

A native of one of the affected communities in the state, Idris Muhammad Gobir told the VOA Hausa Service in an interview that the gunmen have so far appointed 2 district leaders in the Sabon Birni area of ​​Sokoto state.

According to Idris, “yesterday the leader of the bandits celebrated the Maulud in Makwaruwa, where he proclaimed himself the head of the district”. The event took place in the presence of the bona fide district chief.

But when they asked him if he had any objections, he, Dan Sani, loyal to the leader of the bandits who usurped the power ”.

However, police denied the development describing the story as baseless and unfounded.

Likewise, “in the city of Gangara the bandits called a meeting in which all the inhabitants and bandits participated.

They have selected Dan Kwaro and now he is the district chief of that city ”.

“He was in town on Thursday and ordered the mosques to reopen.

He ordered the inhabitants to stop going outside the city to pray, to say their prayers in the city. “

They control the local judicial system and others. He ordered the reopening of the markets next Tuesday “ He said.

Another resident of eastern Sokoto, Bashir Altine Guyawa, told VOA Hausa that even before the bandits appointed district chiefs in the area, for a long time, they had control over that area and set the rules.

He said “from Dama where there was a clash between bandits and security agents, up to Zango and Gatawa, the bandits have total control in these areas and dictate daily affairs”.

So even if they have announced the appointment of district leaders or not, they have already established their presence and are in control.

So anyone who had traditional authority can no longer exercise that power, ”he said.

Commenting on the consequences of this development, a security expert, Detective Auwal Bala Durumi Iya, said the situation is capable of making people lose hope about the government’s ability to rescue them from the clutches of these bandits. “

Secondly, they (bandits) may be able to recruit from those who are not part of it, whether they like it or not. “

“Thirdly, this will show the world that the bandits are now strong enough to annex an area and impose their own kind of authority,” He said.

The Nigerian police, however, in a statement signed by the PPRO of the Sokoto command, ASP Sanusi Abubakar, said the investigation revealed that the story was unsubstantiated.

The Command said it had taken rigorous measures to reveal the source of the story, that there were plans under the Hadarin Daji by the military and police to launch an operation in those places inhabited by bandits, in order to restore the law. and order.

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