“The bandits voluntarily freed us,” says freed student Kaduna.

“The bandits voluntarily freed us,” says freed student Kaduna.

One of the abducted students of the Federal College of Forest Mechanization in Afaka, Mando, Kaduna State, described how they were released from captivity.

Kaduna State Commissioner for Homeland Security and Home Affairs Samuel Aruwan, who first announced the release of the students, said;

“The Nigerian military told the Kaduna state government that five of the many kidnapped students from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, Kaduna, were recovered this afternoon and are currently undergoing a thorough medical examination at a military facility. … “

Army spokesman Brigadier General Yerima Mohammed, speaking of the “rescued” students, said the GOK-1 division praised the troops for their “and accused them of not resting until all the victims of the abduction were saved.

He said;

“The rescued students are currently being treated at a military facility in Kaduna. Division 1 GOK, Major General D.Kh. Ali-Keffi thanked the troops for their efforts and instructed them not to stop there until all the victims of the abduction were rescued and returned to their families. ”

However, one student who spoke with the Daily Trust said the militants had released them voluntarily. Said Francis Paul, a level 200 agricultural technology student at the institute;

“One afternoon they (the bandits) came and started to take us away … That day I felt very bad. So they asked me to sit on the sidelines, added some girls and set us in motion. They dropped us off in a village near the main road and said that we must go to the road, and we went. “

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