The best ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer

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The best ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer

Have you chosen a wedding in the warm season mainly for the sake of beautiful photos? You are not alone in this! For you and thousands of brides, we share tips and ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer, thanks to which it will turn out to be stunning, wherever you are shooting.

Tips for a Successful Summer Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. At this time of year it is better to take pictures in nature, but in the city you will get great pictures if you approach the matter with imagination. In any case, leave the room, do not do it within four walls.
  2. Have a plan B for bad weather. Heat and stuffiness or pouring rain may threaten you . Decide in advance where you will go with the photographer if you have to.
  3. Think about the looks – will you be photographed in the main wedding dress or will you wear a separate one especially for the photo shoot? Should the groom change clothes? Do you have any cute umbrellas in case of rain?
  4. Choose the famous “golden hour” with soft, pouring light, which comes around 5 pm. Also, sunrise or sunset will suit you, especially at sea. If the sun is shining brightly, then taking pictures at the wrong time (for example, at noon) will not flatter you. Checked.

Ideas for a photo shoot in the city

If you want nature even within the city, look for a park, botanical garden or a small artificial reservoir. For interesting photos, arrange a picnic, feed birds and squirrels, play games (badminton, jenga, petanque) and lie on the grass.

Take a fresh look at familiar city buildings and landmarks – which ones will look different in photos? Perhaps, for a wedding photo shoot in the summer, you should look at them from a different angle, come from a new side, or just come closer to see the barely noticeable details?

Wander the streets of the city, choosing the most picturesque. It is better to do this early in the morning so that there are no strangers in the frame. Hold hands, sing, dance, kiss, enjoy this day! Pose for a photographer against the backdrop of vending windows and walls, pet the cats passing by, drink coffee and eat ice cream.

Stop by a café with cute tables and chairs outside. Relax and, of course, pose. Order coffee in photogenic coffee cups or an appetizing-looking dessert for a good props.

Transport can also be considered a requisite, so if there is an opportunity to use it, do not miss it. When entering an old tram, take a photo on the footboard or inside. Take a ride around the city on a moped or bike. Even a scooter with a gyro scooter will bring photos to life.

An abandoned area of the city will become an unusual place for photographs – such buildings and unused railway lines often look picturesque. But keep in mind that these places are not always safe. In addition, it is often dirty there, take care of your clothes.

The most romantic idea for a wedding photo shoot in the summer in your city is a roof at sunset. You two, the setting sun and a breathtaking view of the city. Check which roofs you can go to and take an escort who knows them.

Ideas for a photo shoot in nature

The obvious choice is what nature itself offers. In the forest, magical photographs are obtained if the light falls correctly. Take a walk in the forest, pick mushrooms and berries, sit on fallen trees.

A river or lake bank is usually spectacular on its own; you don’t need any additional props. If you wish, you can find a boat and even decorate it. Don’t forget to take pictures with your reflections in the water.

The idea for a wedding photo shoot in the summer is a field with flowers or wheat. Here you can put and decorate a small table or do without it.

When organizing a wedding in nature , choose a venue where you can spend part of the photo session. It is good if there is a well-groomed meadow, a gazebo, landscape design or a small artificial lake. The garden on the site or next to it should also attract attention and encourage you to go into it for a couple of bright photographs in which you pick apples in a wicker basket or admire scarlet roses.

Many couples use a rural theme for a photo shoot on the village streets or on the farm. Be careful not to overdo it with realism. Photos by the stack will look spectacular, and a bride pretending to be a milkmaid or climbing on a cart in boots is too much.

Another idea for a summer wedding photo shoot is to attract pets. If you have a favorite dog or cat, take them with you. Or perhaps there is a horse stable near you?

Ideas for a photo shoot at the sea

Going to a wedding in warm countries and planning to take a walk there with a photographer? Make sure you end up with something more interesting than just the standard surf shots on the beach. A few ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the summer, out of the usual sea-sand scheme:

  • on or under the boardwalk
  • by the fallen trees
  • next to a pile of boulders
  • by motor boat or yacht
  • on decent looking sun loungers and umbrellas
  • photo session under water

Think about the clothes – a bride in a lush wedding dress and a groom in a black suit look ridiculous in a tropical climate under palm trees, they are painful to look at. For yourself, choose a light, light outfit that is appropriate for the sea, and for the groom – cotton or linen trousers with a shirt. Take a set of beautiful swimwear / swimming trunks to take photos in them.

Props for a photo shoot in the summer

With the right place and thoughtful images, there is no need for props. But if you feel like thinking about food – cups of coffee, photogenic cakes, ice cream, lemonade in misted glasses. Accessories are also suitable to help you keep your hands busy and relax if you get nervous – soap bubbles, flowers, balls, multi-colored crayons, colored smoke or even holi paints. Cool sunglasses will decorate more than one shot, and a big hat will become a hit. And don’t forget the matching umbrellas in case of rain!