The court orders the police to arrest the former judge in Adamawa … You won’t believe why

Chief magistrate Abdullahi Digil ordered the arrest of the former judge in Adamwa state.

In what will seem a truly surprising development, a chief magistrate’s court in Adamawa state has ordered the Nigerian police to arrest a former high court judge, the Hon. Justice Michael Goji.

The former judge, whose immediate offense is beating a bailiff sent to summon him, is said to have previously beaten a revenue officer sent to collect his taxes, which in the first place led to the dispatch of the bailiff.

Chief magistrate Abdullahi Digil ordered the arrest of the former judge on charges of beating the bailiff, Amos Ndari, who went to his residence in the Federal Housing Estate, Girei, near Yola, to notify him. in court.

Goji would have been accused of having confronted the bailiff who had gone to the Magistrate Court of Yola to notify him of the summons following the complaint lodged before it by the State Revenue Agency who had claimed that the judge had assaulted an official in office of Girei Revenue Office of the Council of 5 November 2021.

The council said his officer was at Goji’s residence to collect personal income tax for the state when he was treated by the judge.

Thursday gathered that as soon as Ndari greeted the former judge and introduced himself as a bailiff who came to serve him with a court summons, the judge got angry, grabbed the bailiff and started punching him. , until a neighbor intervened.

In response, Chief Magistrate Digil ordered the State Police Command to arrest the former high court judge.

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