The devil is responsible for the rise in rape in Adamawa, says the commissioner.

The devil is responsible for the rise in rape in Adamawa, says the commissioner.

Lami Ahmed, the ombudsman for women in Adamawa state, blamed the devil for the rise in rape in the country, SaharaReporter reported.

Ahmed noted that there is also a breakdown in family values, which leads to higher divorce rates and, therefore, exposes children to abuse.

In an interview with The Punch, the commissioner said: “For me, the number of rape cases is increasing every day because rape is the work of the devil. There is a gap in family values, resulting in an increasing divorce rate.

“Situations such as father and mother separation can sometimes lead to child abuse by family members or neighbors.”

Ahmed added that child abuse could also be a factor, stating that children who have been abused or left unattended will be taken for granted.

He also said there is no law in the state to reduce the incidence of rape.

He noted: “If laws are passed, they will reduce the incidence rate. But since there is no law yet, we face the threat of rape and a sharp increase in gender-based violence. ”

Ahmed said stigmatization is the main reason for the silence of rape victims, adding that when rape occurs, the victim’s parents or victim may fear being identified and stigmatized.

Regarding the measures being taken to combat this scourge in the state, the commissioner said the ministry is working with civil society organizations, traditional and religious leaders to help with the information campaign.

“Religious leaders often used their platforms to preach against rape because God did not approve of it. The state government, for its part, has done a lot, and has also supported the adoption of laws to combat gender-based violence. “

He also expressed optimism that the Children’s Rights Bill would help reduce the incidence of rape in the country.

He said: “The first thing to do is to pass a law on children’s rights. When the Child Rights Bill is transformed into law, the House of Assembly must work to get it implemented in the state. Once this is implemented, you can approach rape cases more directly. Here in the state, we called for the adoption of a child rights law. ”

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