The elephant goes mad, killing the zoo worker in a brutal assault on the trunk while he was cleaning his cage.

The elephant goes mad, killing the zoo worker in a brutal assault on the trunk while he was cleaning his cage.

Joaquin Gutierrez Arnais, a zoo worker who was cleaning the elephant enclosure, was killed.

The man was killed after one of the powerful beasts hit him with the trunk, hitting his head on the bars of the cage.

Joaquin Gutierrez Arnais sustained severe head injuries after a tragedy in the Cabarseno Natural Park, Spain.

Despite being hospitalized, he died three hours later.

The female elephant was in the paddock with her calf when the incident occurred, just after 8:30 am on Tuesday, February 23rd, and she may have believed that the young elephant was being threatened.

“We’re talking about unpredictable animals,” said Javier López Marcano, Minister of Tourism for the Cantabrian Regional Government, which owns the zoo.

“The force of the blow was tremendous,” said Marcano, “such a dimension was impossible to survive.”

He added that Joaquin was “a great lover of elephants and his work.”

The zoo said in a statement: “A worker from the Cabarseno Natural Park died from being hit by one of the elephants.

“The incident occurred on Tuesday at 8:30 am in front of the pachyderm stalls when the daily cleaning and release of the animals began.”

The official statement continues: “Joaquin Gutierrez Arnaiz, 44, was in the intermediate security corridor that elephants use to get in and out of their stables in an orderly manner when he was struck by the trunk of an elephant.

“An elephant is a female who was with her cub in one of the large yards. Joaquin hit his head on the fence rail as he fell.

“Two colleagues who were with him called 112 and Joaquin was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He died at 11:15 am. “

“Police and civilian security have visited the park and launched an investigation to find out the cause of the accident,” the official statement said.

“The death of Joaquin caused tremendous suffering between his colleagues and Cantur, the state-owned company that operates the park.
“This is the first fatal accident in Cabarseno Natural Park in 30 years.”

The Cabarseno Natural Park is home to about 120 species of animals, including wolves, tigers, lions and jaguars. Some of them are kept in “natural” enclosures, mixed species live together.

Police have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the incident, the first of its kind in the park’s 31-year history.

Source: Daily Star UK

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