The fuel shortage worsens in Zamfara

The fuel shortage worsens in Zamfara

The shortage of fuel has caused a rise in transportation rates for commercial vehicles and motorcycles across the state.

The worsening fuel shortage in the state of Zamfara took a drastic turn as motorists and commercial motorcyclists resorted to parking due to the unavailability of goods.

Dailypost reports that worsening fuel shortages have caused freight rates for both vehicles and commercial motorcycles to rise across the state.

According to reports, a trip from Gusau, the state capital, to Mafara, which once cost N500 per passenger, is now N1000. Additionally, commercial motorcycles no longer collect N50, raising their rates between N100 and N120.

According to a biker, Ahmadu Adamu, there is enough gasoline in the state, but greedy traders are stockpiling the goods, secretly selling them to black traders.

“Dealers are sabotaging the efforts of the State Security Task Force to order gas stations not to sell fuel to anyone with a can because of banditry activities in the state,”“He said.

Most of the gas stations in Gusau have closed, selling only to black traders.

When this vehicle visited the Petroleum Tankers Drivers Association in Gusau, neither the state president of the union nor the secretary could be reached.

However, a union member, who spoke in this medium anonymously because he was not authorized to speak, said the fuel shortage was not caused by the association, but by the artificial shortage.

According to him, the oil traders were doing this only to sabotage the federal government’s efforts to portray President Buhari as a weak leader.

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