The Governor of Umaha is directing immediate security measures at Ebonyi Airport.

Governor David Nwese Umahi warned that masked criminals must stay away from the banks of the Ebony River, or they risk being hunted down and facing the full weight of the law, IgbereTV reported.

Governor Umaha issued a warning while checking progress with security chiefs at Ebony International Airport in Abakaliki.

Governor of Umaha, who has spoken out in response to a recent criminal threat to site workers from unidentified gunmen, recently ordered security forces to fully mobilize forces at the site to prevent a recurrence of similar attacks.

Explaining that the visit was intended to cheer up workers in the wake of the ill-fated attack, Governor of Umahi assured that such an incident would not happen again on the spot.

He said;

“Let me tell you that what happened here a few days ago, when some criminals went to their village where they fought on land, came here and started hunting down workers, will never happen again.

“My directive is that if they see someone with a weapon, they must demobilize that person. These criminals are not ESNs or IPOBs, they are just criminals who rob people and instill fear in people, and therefore I ordered the chiefs of security to gather at this place and block all entrances to this airport.

“I also ordered the leaders of Ezza Nord and Sud to warn their people, because if this happens again, they will demobilize us from the scene.

“I want to thank the service leaders for their commitment to protecting the lives and property of our people, and we will give them all our support. Umahi is leading the immediate implementation of security services for the websites they need at Ebony International Airport. “

Source: – Igbere TV

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