The group calls DOAS Babagana Adams, insists on investigating the directors.

A social and youth group in Nigeria called the “Seventh Republic” drew the attention of Nigerians to immediately initiate a radical but peaceful protest against the basis of corruption perpetrated in the civil service by permanent directors and secretaries who have become super rich and powerful. in the bureaucratic system.

In a statement published and signed by Kazim Tanimu, initiator of the 7th Republic a few hours ago in Abuja, he highlighted and condemned the alleged corrupt practices of a certain Dr. Babagana Adam, Director of Publicity and Signage Advertising – DOAS FCDA.

The statement noted that DOAS’s Dr. Babagana Adam was involved in several misconduct and illegal activities, including the destruction of paid advertisements, signage, arbitrary increases in seizures, and the closure of entrepreneurial Nigerians’ businesses in order to get rich.

Retelling the grief and circumstances, the 7th Respublika stated that DOAS advertising specialists’ policies under Babagan Adams were monopolistic and formed cartels in sections, thereby discouraging enterprising young people and potential young entrepreneurs from starting their businesses in the territory. Federal capital, Abuja.

However, Dr. Babagana Adam continued to work in parallel with the constitution governing outdoor activities, which is the exclusive role of AMAC. It is already rumored that the DOAS director does not respect the district council president and therefore has appropriated a constitutional role to him due to his very rich power and influence in the bureaucratic system.

This will come a few days after the Outdoor Advertising and Signage Department issues a letter informing the public of its decision to redesign Bill Clinton’s road advertising structure and placement, otherwise leaving the main entrance of the nation’s capital – a world-class look and standard structure.

Source: – Nollytv Africa

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