The kidnapper of Kankar schoolchildren, Auval Daudava, was shot

Four days after he renounced his previous remorse and returned to the forest, Auval Daudava, best known for his role in kidnapping 300 schoolchildren in Katsina state, was killed by a rival gang.

Reliable sources told the Daily Trust that Daudawa was killed in a firearm duel with a rival gang in the Dumburum forest, located between the local Zurmi government in Zamfara state and the local Batsari government in Zamfara state. Katsina, Friday night.

The notorious mobster rose to prominence after he orchestrated an attack on the Kankar public high school, where he kidnapped more than 300 schoolchildren.

Two months later, the offender appeared in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara, with five of his men, where he announced his remorse and handed over 20 AK assault rifles and other weapons to the police.

On Thursday, the newspaper exclusively reported on Daudava’s return to the trenches after he left his new home in Damba, on the outskirts of Gusau.

Sources told our reporter that Daudawa was killed while leading his men in a revenge attack against boys loyal to another mobster named Ballolo.

It was discovered that while Daudawa was in Gusau after his remorse, some armed members of the Ballolo camp attacked the whereabouts of his people in an attempt to search their livestock, killing two members of the Daudawa gang in the process.

It is said that Daudava vowed revenge.

A source told the Daily Trust that while the Daudawa gang managed to kill several members of the opposing gang, their leader was killed by the Ballolo guys.

Confirming this story to the Daily Trust, Zamfara’s Security and Home Affairs Commissioner Abubakar Dauran said Daudava was killed after killing someone and stealing livestock.

“After swearing in the Koran never to return to his old habits, we heard that he returned under the pretext that he went to his relatives’ wedding, but instead resumed his illegal activities.

“We heard that he killed someone and tried to search his livestock, but other people in the forest got up from him and killed him,” he said.

Source: – Daily Trust

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