The last good girl from Lagos dies

The last good girl from Lagos dies

There is a popular saying that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Some will say that this is agriculture. Both statements are highly dubious. In the 21st century, one is becoming more popular and attractive to young people than the other. And this is alarming!

I remember the days when it was a sin to pay for sex. Only people who weren’t human enough did this. Only an uneducated woman with an extremely strange family background will open her legs for a fee, facing everyone who can pay as if she were the gateway to a stadium.

Recently, it seems that young people are shying away from agriculture and into prostitution. Instead of hovering farmland and endlessly working in the sun, exposed to inclement weather and insects, you can simply get money to have fun under one roof in a very welcoming environment. This is the orientation that most women in Lagos state now hold, and it is very disturbing.

Transactional sex is now on the agenda. You are either over-trading or you are doing it behind the scenes. Whores are now given interesting names like bad girl, runner, olosho, sarevagba, big girl, twerker, social media influencer, and other names that tend to color the wicked image associated with what they do.

All of a sudden, sex came to be seen as an economic activity. It is probably on this basis that billionaire Ned Nwoko said that marrying more than one wife helps save society. He believes that this move will prevent them from prostitution.

I remember how the Nigerian rapper Ruggedman was ashamed of supposedly sleeping with his dancers. This was discovered during his infamous conversation with his former protégé 9ice in the 2009/10 season. Everyone thought a character like that wasn’t so cute, but today he will be marked by everyone getting pregnant in one fell swoop. This tends to paint a picture of the degradation of our values ​​and morals in human society.

If my memory serves me correctly, the late Nigerian rapper Da Green was one of the few contemporary musicians to admit that he paid for sex. He talked about his passion for weed, prostitutes and alcohol. When he died and Olamid began to step forward, she took the rod from him and began to spread the message of the hoe. Other rappers immediately liked the noise and joined the trend. Today Naira Marley is a great industry ambassador. He does not hide his passion for the relationship with the escort, and the society loves him. Now there is nothing to be ashamed of. You can simply tell your work colleague that you are horny and he will provide the phone number of a girl who can do justice to your body.

Sleeping with prostitutes has become as commonplace as seeing the doctor when you are sick. This trend is widespread in Lagos and most women earn their living. Most young people are even more comfortable and less stressful in dealing with prostitutes. This is done in fact or in fact. Ladies feel like they are being paid to enjoy. Most of them see it as a transitional job that can be used to deal with urgent tasks. For a few dollars starting at N5000, a neighbor can sleep with you. There seems to be an understanding between men and women.

Lagos is a land of games and mischief. Guys don’t ignore the fact that a woman has multiple sex partners. Women also understand that one of the driving forces behind the attention they receive is sexual. Instead of trying to cheat in the game, players prefer to lay all their cards on the table and abide by unwritten agreements. Where are the good girls? This question is difficult to answer. Good girls are available, but the truth is that they are in the minority, and a large proportion of the small minority of good girls are also potentially bad. They are just looking for the wings they need to fly. If Femi Otedola slips into your lover’s DM, what do you think her reaction will be? This is the million dollar question.

Let me conclude this piece with a real life story. One evening a friend was trying to buy something at the local market when he saw a young woman walking alone. She was wearing a short black dress and a chain on her legs. A short dress, pale skin, and a chain on her leg made him suspicious that she might be “one of them.” So he made his move. He approached the lady and got her phone number. Shortly after the conversation, the woman asked for an urgently needed amount of N5000. This is more of an entry fee, it shows how serious and capable you are of finance. In case of failure, it will secretly block you on Whatsapp. Once paid, it automatically increases your priority level.

Returning to the story of my friend, after a while he asked her to have sex. He offered to pay about 15,000 NIS. E. For two rounds. That’s not a lot. This is just a small deal between parties living in the same area. According to my friend, she refused the deal, citing decency. He blocked it on WhatsApp and they both moved on. In less than 48 hours, he unlocked it and accepted the offer, and that’s all he wrote!

The conclusion is that the last good girl from Lagos is dead! If you have a good girl in your life, leave her. You can suffer 600 years in search of a new good if you lose it.

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