The late leader Konam Porbeni rebelled in Aduku in Bayelsa state.

The late leader Konam Porbeni rebelled in Aduku in Bayelsa state.

The late chieftain Konam Porbeni died in 1980 and the commercial axis of his community was buried in Abari.

In his life, he was a great man, imbued with an impeccable character and pristine integrity. He was an important leader and supporter of the religion. The values ​​he cared for became the hallmark of the Porbeni dynasty.

The late chieftain Konam Porbeni, Etonkepua of the Kingdom of Kabovey, is the ancestor of FBI Admiral Porbeni, one of the leading commanders of Nigeria’s first warship NNS Aradu, once the Minister of Transport and distinguished ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Due to the ongoing flooding that continues to ravage the Niger Delta. The Fokados River, which ran along the banks of Aduku and Abari in the state of Bayelsa and Delta, meant that the resting place of the late leader Konam Porbeni was almost wiped out by flooding.

As a result, the head of the Porbeni family, E.O. Porbeni ordered the FBI admiral to arrange a new burial for their deceased fathers.
On May 7, 2021, the respected Porbenian aristocratic family decided to exhume the remains of their deceased father and his two older brothers for proper burial at their ancestral home Aduku in the local government of Sagbam, Bayelsa State.

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