The man just flew in from Dubai and told how the Lagos police extorted $ 200 thousand from him

The man just flew in from Dubai and told how the Lagos police extorted $ 200 thousand from him

The story was told about a man from Nigeria who was harassed by the police after arriving from Dubai.

The man had just arrived in the country from Dubai and was on his way home from the airport when he was harassed. He shared the story of how the police from the city of Festak stopped him and extorted $ 200,000 from him.

EndSARS promoter Rinu originally shared the man’s story on his Twitter profile.

She wrote; “A young Nigerian who returned from the UAE this morning drove Uber from the airport to Festak and ran into Nigerian police officers who profiled, illegally searched his phone, intimidated and dragged him to his station. From our displays?

They forced him to write false statements without a lawyer and then asked him to give them 5,000,000 buns. He ended up paying 200 thousand to close the casino. The young Nigerian returns after years of absence and his first night in the village is full of nightmares. ”

The man later took to Twitter to reveal his identity and tell how the accident happened. He wrote; “Yesterday I actually fell victim to this harassment by a group of police officers who violently chased me, took my phones out of my bag and took me to the police station in zone E of Festak.

When we arrived, I was asked to give them the amount of 15 million, but at the end of the day I went to the POS point in front of the station, and they took the amount of 200 thousand from my account for no good reason. Intervention required @segalink @SavvyRinu @Gifted_Kabi

Who helped me get in touch with the right authorities who sent a signal to the Festac police unit about the crime that their boys were supposed to commit. I want to thank the E area commander @MuawiyahHalilu @AcpIshaku @PoliceNG

@PoliceNG_CRU My money was returned and delivered to me.

The police were locked, and the envoy was also locked. I believe there are still good people in the Nigerian police force. I also thank the Iwansonggun Festival Police Officer O. Femi. Thank you sir .”

Confirming the LIB incident, a police spokesman for the Muiiva Adejobi state said that the police have since been arrested and will be brought before the law.

“It succeeded. 200 thousand money was returned to the man. The police will soon be brought to justice and punished, ”he said.

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