The military denies jurors access to the military hospital

Posted by on Oct 30, 2020, Under: News

The military denies jurors access to the military hospital

In a rather dramatic development, the Lagos State Government’s Investigative Commission, set up to investigate the alleged police brutality and the shooting at Lekki on Friday, has been denied access to the Ikoyi military hospital. …

According to the Daily Trust, members of the group left the Ikoya military hospital without gaining access to the morgue.

Jurors who made an unscheduled visit to the hospital were initially denied access to the premises for more than 30 minutes.

During the drama that followed at the gates, the chairman of the commission, Judge Doris Okuvobi (retired), had to retire to his car, while the other members of the commission continued their conversations with the military.

One Commissioner, Mr. Ebun Adegboruwa, SAN, said the commission received impromptu confidential information that the hospital might be involved in its investigation.

He said the commission is interested in visiting the morgue to examine the bodies at the institution.

“We are fulfilling our mandate on behalf of the Governor of Lagos State in accordance with the laws of the courts.

“Today we have already inspected the toll station in Lekki and decided to make an unscheduled visit to the morgue of the military hospital, because we have confidential information about some of the events that took place here at the hospital.

“We expect them to give us access to inspect the morgue because we have reason to believe that this facility is relevant to our investigation,” he said.

The group arrived with a pathologist.

The group left the facility after a brief conversation between a senior military officer and Judge Okuvobi (retired). The officer refused to answer journalists’ questions.

As a reminder, security personnel in military uniforms were seen shooting at Lekki Toll Gate Plaza, one of the state’s #ENDSARS protest sites.

There are reports that some protesters were killed by gunfire and that their bodies were evacuated by the military. The military has denied this claim.