The police have no idea what to do with the murderers of Fulani Pastukhov

The police have no idea what to do with the murderers of Fulani Pastukhov

Suleimon Olooru, the first child of the Seriki Fulani community in Eggua in the Yewa Local Government District of North Ogun State, to Adam Olooru, said the Nigerian police were unaware of the countrywide restrictions on the criminal activities of Fulan’s murderers.

He said that it was necessary to develop a new approach to the fight against bloodthirsty nomads so that peace would reign in the country.

SaharaReporters told Adam this in an exclusive interview on Monday at Eggua.

Speaking about his trials over the past few days, Suleimon noted that the Nigerian police were simply fighting the Fulani shepherds using theories with no practical improvement to prove.

“I have just left the meeting in Ietoro. We had a meeting with the police. We had a number of meetings similar to the last one, which did not yield positive results. Personally, I believe the Nigerian police cannot deal with these Fulani criminals. They don’t know what to do, “ Suleimon said.

He said the police did not even act on the information provided to them prior to the attack and would prefer to wait until people are killed before reacting.

“When we hear about the possibility of attack or aggression from the nomads, we inform the police. But all you are told is to write a report. In most of these cases, they even endanger the lives of the people providing the information.

“After all, they won’t take any steps until the accident occurs. And they don’t arrest criminals, instead they’ll ask you if you can identify one of the criminals. Who dares to identify criminals with dangerous weapons and weapons? “

The long-term solution to the chronic crisis between farmers and pastoralists in the country, he said, is that each region of the country must govern its own territory or a separate one.

“To be honest, I’m tired of this crisis. I believe that the best thing for all of us is to manage the land ourselves in each state or region. Or let the regions of Nigeria split up if that helps us.

“Please help us tell the government of Nigeria that if the police cannot deal with the unsafe situation in the country, we must go our separate ways.”

Sulaimon’s father, Seriki Fulani of Eggua, Adam Olooru, recently fled the community after his house and the Fulani livestock settlement were burned down by some young people.

Ibadan’s human rights chief, Sunday Adeyemo, commonly known as Sunday Igboho, stormed Eggua with his assistants to help the troubled community drive out the Fulani shepherds, whom they accused of relentless kidnapping, murder and destruction of farms in their area.

Shortly after Igboho’s visit, Olooru’s residence was set on fire as he was accused of inaction in relation to criminal activities perpetrated by the bloody Fulani herders in the area.

Sulaimon told Sahara Reporters that his father moved to Abeokuta after the incident.

However, he did not reveal where his father had moved to Abeokuta.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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