the police will no longer allow violent protests.

the police will no longer allow violent protests.

Police Inspector General Mohamed Adamu said on Tuesday that the Nigerian police force will never again tolerate any form of violent protests in the country.

He also noted that the # EndSARS protests were directed against the government of Nigeria, adding that the demands of the protesters had long been fulfilled by the government regarding the reform of the Robbery Task Force.

IG spoke on Tuesday during his visit to the Ebony State Police Commissioner.
He said: “The protests were not against the police, but against the government of Nigeria. But the protesters’ demands have already been met; however, they continued to destroy national assets without regret.

“The Nigerian police will never tolerate and will never accept this kind of violent protests in this country. Your protest must be peaceful, and as soon as it escalates into violence, you will be greeted with maximum force.

Speaking earlier, State Police Commissioner Mr. Philip Macou said the command had no records of police brutality and extrajudicial killings, “but was badly hurt during #EndSARS.
protests. “

Maku said, “About 20 vehicles were burned, including five police vans. Five police officers were killed, about 14 were injured of varying degrees of severity and five police stations were burned. “

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