the primate Ayodele releases a sad prophecy

the primate Ayodele releases a sad prophecy

As for the war, he said that he foresees a serious danger.

The primate Ayodele also talked about what God had shown him about Chad’s interim president, Mahamat ibn Idriss Debi Itno, also called Mahamat Kaka, and how he would contribute to the fight against terrorism in Africa.

He also talked about the warning that God asked him to give Debi if she wants to end well.

“All African governments must support the interim government of Chad so that a smooth transition to a democratic government can take place.

“Interim President Kaka Debi will work beyond what is necessary, but he must be mindful of security, especially in September, October and November, because the rebels are planning a dirty attack. At this time, he must be extremely careful, ”he said.

“He also needs to create an enabling environment so that all the rebels in his country can be destroyed. The President of Chad will help Nigeria fight terrorism on its borders. ”

Regarding the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, Ayodele advised world leaders not to ignore it, as he predicts the war will trigger a serious religious crisis.

He showed that other countries can join the war and escalate it if not careful.

“World leaders should not ignore what is happening in Israel, other countries can join, other enemies of Israel will join.

“They shouldn’t let this war cause a religious crisis in the world, that’s what I was talking about.

“Religious crises can come from the Asian part of the world, this war can still escalate if you don’t pay attention,” he said.

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