The real #EndSARS protesters were peaceful – Lagos Deputy Governor Obafemi Khamzat

Posted by on Oct 23, 2020, Under: News

Real #EndSARS Protesters Were Peaceful – Lagos Deputy Governor Obafemi Khamzat

Lagos Deputy Governor Obafemi Khamzat said the criminals had seized a peaceful protest to spread terror against citizens.

He said this on Friday during an interview with reporters.

He admitted that the real protesters were peaceful during the End SARS protest, which recently took place in different parts of Lagos.

The deputy governor has called for reconciliation among residents during the EndSARS crisis across the country, adding that the protest has been overrun by thugs who have unleashed violence in Lagos and Nigeria.

He also said he was disappointed that those who didn’t mean very well managed to discredit the exercise in order to reach their sinister foundations.

According to him, the Lagosians must unite as a single people for the state to resume functioning.

“We have to be honest. The real protesters were peaceful. They asked for something that we all understand, and the governor and I went with them.

“We must conduct a dialogue with ourselves, we must sit reasonably and decide how best to promote our state and our country.

“Let’s all calm down; let’s all relax. We do not destroy companies created to hire our employees.

“Those who have ideas should ask them questions,” he said.