The soldiers allegedly killed 4 young men by throwing their bodies into a pond in Jos.

The soldiers allegedly killed 4 young men by throwing their bodies into a pond in Jos.

According to Vanguard, the village of Guafan in the Jos North local government area has plunged into deep mourning.

The community, which houses former House Speaker Yakubu Dogar, has been thrown into mourning following Sunday’s ransacking of the former president’s home as security officials were called in to pursue the act. killed several residents and threw their bodies into surrounding dams in the area.

Among those killed is Daniel Simon, a 29-year-old student at the Jos 300L Biochemistry University, who, according to residents of his burial site, was killed by some members of the Safe Haven Task Force. The OPSH, as a community member who pleaded for anonymity, confirmed that some of the corpses were recovered from an abandoned mine pond behind the former president’s home.

Daniel’s older brother, Elijah Simon, said that on that day, some people unknown in the area stormed the area, found the former speaker’s house and began a search, and then left their homes. at home to see what was happening, then the guards came and began to chase them away.

The late Daniel (level 300 apprentice, Uniyos) and some of his friends fled, but the soldiers reportedly chased them to the dam, shot him in the face and threw him into the pond.

When the scuffle subsided, they began to search for his whereabouts, including the location where some of the suspected arrested robbers were taken, but he was not visible, but a few days later his body was found floating. at the dam when they learned he had been shot with a crippled face.

The community has called on the National Human Rights Commission to certify the condition of the bodies found before being placed in the morgue, although the search for the missing continues.

However, the head of the OPSH media, Major Ibrahim Sittu, when contacted, said: “I am not aware, I confirm.” But NHRC State Coordinator Barr. Grace Pam said: “Yes, it happened on Wednesday, we went to the dam to pick up the corpses, we went with them to the new UT, and from there to the old UT, where the bodies were kept, they had to do an autopsy.” our staff left them there because the relatives were there for the autopsy, but surprisingly this (Friday) morning since we were absent on Thursday, the lawyers we sent said that the relatives had called them to say they were take their bodies for burial because I don’t want any boxes.

“I asked if they told them about the consequences of their actions, and they said that yes, even with this commission of inquiry, they can present their cases, but they said they did not want any cases and we could not do anything.

“When my officers went with them to the old JUTH, they were looking for pathologists to perform an autopsy, they gave them the medical examination forms just to keep the relatives cold.

“Four bodies were collected, one female and three boys. This is our problem, they force you to start an investigation, but halfway through they say they don’t want to file a complaint.

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