The young man tells how on a date he received three hot slaps from a girl because of another woman.

The young man tells how on a date he received three hot slaps from a girl because of another woman.

A man from Nigeria shared the sad story of his girlfriend hitting him three times because of another woman.

The incident happened during a meeting between two.

@Akoh, looking devastated by the script, appealed that she was not flirting with her friend as the alleged girlfriend had suggested.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“I shouldn’t tweet about it, but if I don’t, I won’t get better. This is the second time a woman hits me because I am not offering her what she wants. It happened last night. There is no third best.

So this girl, yes, right here. He wants me to go out, I say I don’t want to. And then we got together on my reg seat. Then comes her friend we knew before. So we just caught up and she was looking at something on her phone.

She’s not just my friend anymore, but then she calls me “boo.” When he looked at something on his phone and sat down next to mine, he put his head on my shoulder, I didn’t even see anything in it. Because, as usual, I was walking on my twitter. Nothing worries me

Then her friend comes back from the closet and sees her on my shoulder, and then the next K-pass on my right eye. Say “this is how you flirt with my friend”

I thought it was an obvious joke and laughed. And he said stop…. in 20 seconds, that’s already three slaps in the face. It was then that I realized that this was serious shit.

I was just puzzled as it was all happening.
But I restrained myself and left, because I vowed that I would never beat a woman.
I’ve never been disrespected like last night in my entire life. On the way, I told her that it would be better if she no longer dares to speak to me in this life.
The number has been blocked and sent to the basket. Finished.
A friend sent me an apologetic message, I also blocked it “

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