There will be no elections in Yorubaland in 2023 – Sunday Igboho is blowing hot

There will be no elections in Yorubaland in 2023 – Sunday Igboho is blowing hot

Sunday Adeyemo, a Yoruba freedom fighter commonly known as Sunday Igboho, says there will be no elections in the southwestern states in 2023, SaharaReporters reported.

Igboho talked about this while speaking with other agitators at a rally held Saturday in Osogbo, the capital of Osun state, to ask for the Yoruba nation.

He said that the Yoruba people should leave now because they are no longer a slave to the northerners.

Ighoho strove for unity among the Yoruba people and asked all the offended to join them.

The Yoruba freedom fighter also called on the Oyo government, the federal government and the Nigerian police to immediately release all members of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) held in custody for the arrest of warlord Fulani Isikilu Wakili in Ibarap.

As a reminder, the Oyo State Police Command announced the detention of some OPC members associated with Vakili’s previous arrest.

But Ighoho warned against further detention during the demonstration.

He said: “I call on Oyo, the federal government and the police to immediately release the OPC member who arrested the Fulani pastors who terrorized the Yoruba in Ibarapa country. First, the Yoruba will come out in droves to protest this.

“They arrested some Fulani who violated Ibarapa’s peace and handed them over to the police. But they were arrested by the Oyo State Police and the Nigerian government, and that shouldn’t be. ”

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