They beat my father to death, doused his body with chemicals to dry him – Speak Son Of Ekiti Varsity Guard

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They beat my father to death, doused his body with chemicals to dry him – Speak Son Of Ekiti Varsity Guard

In this interview, the son of a university security guard killed on his farm talks about the dead man.

Temitop Malik, 30, the eldest son of the late 62-year-old security guard at Oye Ekiti Federal University, Matthew Malik, who was killed on his farm at Irona’s in Oya Ekiti, told ABIODUN NEJO that his father’s death robbed his family of many things. Extracts:

Who was your father?

He was 62-year-old Matthew Malik, who until his death worked as a security guard at the Oye Ekiti Federal University. He was married to a wife and had six children: three boys and three girls.

How would you describe it?

He was a very kind and calm person. He was helpful. He was not prone to controversy or controversy. He was straightforward and disciplined. He said things as they are, no matter who you were. That is why we, his children, treated him with great respect and behaved when he was in sight. He was a very hardworking person. He was always at his farm before or after his shift at FUOYE. And above all, he was a child of God.

Maybe his discipline turned him against some people!

I think so because when he started working as a security guard at FUOYE, I remember arguing with him one day that he shouldn’t have spread harsh treatment of his children at home to FUOYE students, because today’s kids are involved in various deadly things. including sect and drugs. I remember telling him that he should have been easier with the students. I want to believe that this influenced him in one way or another. For example, there was a day when one of two suspects who are now in custody on charges of her murder came from my mother’s store and had a fight with my mother and at the same time hung my mother around her neck, but unfortunately for His father appeared at the scene and hit the boy while trying to free my mother. They have since said that the boy was threatening my father. From my research, the boy is a member of a cult. This development of events could anger the dad, who said that if the boy were his son, he would do just that to him.

How did your father get along with his neighbors?

Very smooth and cute. Since this incident happened, many people have come. Also for the participation of King Oye Ekiti, Oba Oluwole Ademolaju. The king promised that he would make sure that the people involved in this dastardly case were caught. The king said that what he heard about my father showed that he was different from others. From Friday, October 9th, when the accident happened, until yesterday Monday, many people were still here, speaking well of him, saying that my father did not deserve to die like that.

Do you mean that the land dispute cannot be related to his death?

I said earlier that the police have two murder suspects. The first is the boy who hit my sister and pinned my mother to the neck, who was hit by my father, and the second suspect, who is the prime suspect, is a carpenter. He was one of three woodworkers who cut lumber on my father’s land. After three weeks, the operators had not gone to the farm to pack the logs, and my father had already cleared a spot to start planting them. My father approached this man (who is now in custody) to ask why the operator should leave logs on his farmland. My father advised him to come and pack the logs so he could start planting. But this man begged dad to come and do it without delay and not inform the owner of the neighboring field from which he was cutting trees about him. Dad gave him one more week, but he hadn’t come to collect firewood yet. Then my father reported this to the owner of the farm so that firewood could be packed from my father’s farm. Then a problem arose between the loggers and the owner of the nearby farmland. The next time Dad went to work on the farm, he was killed.

So now you suspect that the operators are to blame for the death!

They are the prime suspects. After the accident and the arrest of lumberjack Babau, two other boys who worked for him – Taye and Idovu – were on the run. We are convinced that if they hadn’t done anything wrong, they would not have escaped. But so far so good, the State Criminal Investigation Department said that the arrested person cooperated with them, providing law enforcement agencies with some necessary information.

But did you make any effort to notify the police when the agricultural land issue first came up?

I was not there. I have just returned from Ilorin, the state capital of Kwara, where I work. When he was killed, my mother called me killed by my father. I didn’t even know about the farmland problem, but my mother said that the problem went away when my father returned from work, he kept repeating to her that the operators had not yet packed the logs. But they did not try to report this to the police. Only the case of the first boy who threatened to kill him was reported to the police.

How did the murder happen?

I was in the office when my mom called me and said that I should start coming from Oye Ekiti, that my dad was killed. Upon arrival, he told me the story of how they held morning prayer together on that fateful morning after which he left for the farm. There was a day shift that day, which began at noon. Then, between 12:30 and 1:00 pm, her workmates called Mom and said that it was unusual for Dad that Dad was not yet working. Mom was surprised and tried to call her number, which did not work. Then my mother rode her bike to the farm. When she arrived, she met Dad in a pool of blood. He was killed. The body was already numb, too. That’s how he started screaming.

What was the nature of the murder?

According to research, people beat him to death. Dad bent down while working on the farm; he didn’t know that some people were already watching him in the bushes. They hit him on the head with a stick. After that, they doused his corpse with chemicals. Initially, we thought the chemical poured on it was acidic, but the medical report showed it was not acid, but chemicals that woodcutters applied to trees to dry before cutting them down with machines. The chemical is very strong, it was poured into his mouth and body.

But there were hints that militants killed him!

They didn’t shoot him. There are speculations that people may have approached this farm with weapons, but they did not use them against him. That’s why the reports talk about militants.

So how far have the police gone on this issue?

The state CID cooperated, even Police Commissioner Tunde Mobayo said he was interested in the case. Last week I was with the Deputy Commissioner of Police; he promised that the police would find out the essence of the case. They helped. They said the two suspects would be indicted in court at any time and that the two escaped boys would also be arrested. They promised that they would do everything to make sure the perpetrators got into the book. This is what they have promised us so far, but we don’t want to underestimate what others can do, so we ask everyone to stand up to ensure justice. My father, who was killed in this way, did not deserve such a death. They said we would have to do an autopsy, which we found out would cost us about $ 200,000. We ask everyone to help us achieve justice.

His remains were taken to Kogi State for burial on Tuesday, October 20. What delayed the burial?

The king said he was interested in this matter; he said that they have to get to the bottom of the matter, that he wants to know the people who committed the murder, so he postponed the funeral, which sent some people into spirituality to find out who did it and who did what, what if the body is buried it will be hard. I met the monarch, I’m still 50%, but I couldn’t leave my father like that because the last time I went to check his body in the morgue, figuring out the nature of the chemical that was poured on him, The body looked completely different so I had to ask the king to let me go and bury my father so that he could rest in peace. Then he said that I could continue.

What does the death of a dad mean for the family?

This is a great loss. I am the eldest, I have two sisters at the university. Our little brother is about five years old. Even though he was a security guard, my father wanted all his children to be educated. He liked to say that his children will receive an education that he could not receive. His death means a great loss for the family. We pray that God will comfort us and we pray that God will send us helpers. At present, only one person will bear family responsibility: our mother, who is a small trader.

So what did the fatherless family do after the accident?

It wasn’t easy. These were all tears for my mother. We tried to comfort her. Every time, day and night, she cries.

What will you miss about dad?

I will miss the way he talked to me and my family on the phone, the way he advised me to get on the right track, the way he talked to me about God, and the way he always checked me on phone. I will miss your education advice. He liked to talk to me about the need for further education: in master’s and doctoral studies.

Did you or a family member have any premonitions of his death?

We didn’t. But I think I should have, I just didn’t notice. My birthday was October 10th, but on October 9th we lost our father. I was so surprised that on October 1st he sent me a birthday message. This had never happened before, because he always sent it on October 10th. I just took it as a different method, from that point of view, I had to start thinking differently. But I didn’t expect that.

What are his unfulfilled ambitions?

My two sisters in this family were the first to go to college, he liked to say that he would celebrate them and be happy on graduation day. She always said that she wanted to get a promotion in the workplace, that even at her age she would have to take an exam to make sure she got a promotion. And the biggest and most painful is the house that he built here in Oya Ekiti. I saw where he was analyzing roof ratings for a house, he was about to cover the house when the accident happened. The money is already in his account, only for the house. He always said that this year will be the last year that he will stay in a rented house.

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