“This is a blatant lie” – Osuna Police Reveal Report on New Ife / Modakek Crisis

“This is a blatant lie” – Osuna Police Reveal Report on New Ife / Modakek Crisis

Following news of a new crisis that erupted in the communities of Ife and Modakeke on Sunday evening, May 16, Osun State Police Command denied these allegations.

However, in a statement released this morning, Yemisi State Police Commissioner Olavoyin said that contrary to reports, local vigilantes leading the area against thieves and thugs, like anywhere else, showed the usual show of force to notify the community of their presence and safety.

He said that community residents thought it was an attack on the community and were worried.

The statement reads:

“It is becoming more and more necessary to keep you updated on the incident that happened in Modakek last night, May 16, 2021, and which was trending on social media.

I want to state categorically that it was a mistake to believe that some people came to attack people from the Famia axis.

The news turned out to be false and outright lie!

The real situation as it was collected is as follows; the local warriors, who led the area against thieves and thugs, carried out the usual show of force, like any other place, to alert people of their presence and ensure their safety. But because of what happened recently, people got worried, thinking they were being attacked.

Police Commissioner, CP Olawale OLOKODE, psc wishes to reassure Osuna’s good people of his tireless efforts to ensure adequate security for the state he controls without fear of attack or harassment.

He then urges everyone to immediately report any strange movements around them or any suspected suspicion.

He urged everyone to engage in their legitimate activities without fear of insecurity.


For: Police Commissioner. Osun State Police Command, Osogbo. “

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