Three bandits hand over AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition in Zamfar

Three bandits hand over AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition in Zamfar

Three prominent mobsters in Zamfara State donated their AK47 assault rifles and ammunition to the governor following a peace agreement.

They said they had decided to accept a peace agreement initiated by Bello Governor Mohamed Matavalla.

The ceremony took place in the hall of the Government Palace in Gusau, where notorious bandits operating in the Bakura municipal district donated three AK47 assault rifles.

Receiving repentant bandits, Governor Bello Matavalle explained that peace agreement and reconciliation remain the only and best option, noting that his administration is ready to do everything possible to restore peace in the state.

The governor insisted that his administration had not paid any money to the bandits in compensation since the start of the peace agreement and the state reconciliation process.

Shooting at the bandits will lead to more bloodshed, which could seriously affect people, he said.

“No one can dispute the fact that banditry, terrorist attacks and other forms of crime have devastated the state for more than ten years. Banditry has brought to naught economic and social activities in the state, “
– complained the governor.

Matavallé called on other criminals active in the state and other parts of the Northwest region to surrender their weapons and accept a peace agreement and reconciliation process.

The governor also condemned the recent kidnapping of boys from the Kagara school, pointing out that the act negatively affects economic growth and undermines the efforts of the country’s government.

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