Three Brothers Arrested on Charge of Murdering Security Guard on Christmas Eve (Photos) |

Three Brothers Arrested on Charge of Murdering Security Guard on Christmas Eve (Photos) |

Three brothers, who were identified as Okiki Mulero (23), Michil Mulero (21) and Joseph Mulero (17), were arrested by the Ogun State Police for beating to death a So-Safe Corps officer guarding the OGD estate. Acero. Christmas Eve.

A statement released by a spokesman for the Abimbola State Police Command Oyemi said the troubles began when one of Okiki Mulero’s suspects, who is a commercial cyclist, was denied entry to the estate because he was carrying more than one passenger. contrary to the rule of the estate.

Oeyemi said it infuriated him and called his two brothers, Michael and Joseph Mulero, who arrived at the scene and attacked the two guards along with the boards.

“During the trial, a security officer named Shogun Godfrey Barde was hit by a board and fell.

“He was then rushed to the O&A hospital, where he got rid of the ghost on Friday, December 25, 2020 during treatment,” Oyemi said.

A police spokesman said the case was reported at the Obantoko department headquarters by the estate’s CDA executives, with the result that the DPO, CSP Sunday Opebiyi instructed their investigators to track down the suspects, who were subsequently arrested one by one.

According to him, everyone confessed to the crime.

He added that the State Police Commissioner, CP Edward A. Ajogun, had ordered the immediate transfer of the case to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Agency’s Homicide Investigation Department for further investigation and prosecution.

“The bodies of the deceased were handed over to the morgue for postmortem examination,” Oyeyemi said

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