Thugs rob NYSC camp in Abuja

Thugs rob NYSC camp in Abuja

Numerous criminals have invaded the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp in Kubwa Abuja and looted the camp’s property.

A witness, Precious Ayuba, confirmed this incident to Tribune Online by telephone. At the time of this report, looting was still ongoing.

The thugs had heard that COVID-19 palliatives were being stored at the NYSC camp, the source said, but they were unable to find any food upon arrival.

Disappointed with what they saw, the thugs began to loot foam, chairs, tables, TV and other property that they could see.

Recall that in Abuja alone, about 3 places were looted, where palliatives from COVID-19 were stored, and the NYSC field is the last.

Thugs roam the country robbing COVID-19 palliative warehouses.

Source: – Tribune Online

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