Timi Frank condemns lawsuit against Yesufu, Davido, Falz, Tiva Savage, Banky-W

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Timi Frank condemns lawsuit against Yesufu, Davido, Falz, Tiva Savage, Banky-W

Former Deputy National Advertising Secretary Comrade Timi Frank, former Deputy National Advertising Committee of the Advocates of Progress Congress (APC), on Wednesday fully condemned a lawsuit allegedly filed by an activist against 50 prominent members of #EndSARS protesters in court. magistrates in Abuja.

Frank, in a statement in Abuja, insisted that while the plaintiff claimed to be an activist, he had credible evidence that the APC administration was behind a lawsuit aimed at bringing charges against peaceful protesters and paved the way for their illegal imprisonment.

He called on Nigerians to hold President Muhammada Bukhari and the Department of Public Services (DSS) accountable for any harm that could affect any member of the #EndSARS protesters, including the activists and celebrities currently listed in the proxy suit.

He said the Bukhari regime has improved on the abolition of prosecutions by employing almost gullible activists as a front for action against opposition elements, which are evident in a similar petition by the Code of Conduct Tribunal that led to the illegal deletion of the past. direct Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) from office.

However, he urged Aisha Yesufu, Folarin Falan (Faltz), David Adeleke (Davido), Bankol Wellington (Banks W), Tiva Savage, Nwankwo Kanu and Sam Adeyemi, as well as 43 other #EndSARS protesters not to intimidate the government’s fraud. federal through a kangaroo suit.

He urged them to remain steadfast in their quest to end brutality and impunity in their government, as no victory is easy or cheap.

He called on Nigerians to pray for all #EndSARS protesters to thwart the federal government’s vicious machinations against them.

He called on the federal government, embarking on this vengeful and frivolous pursuit of #EndSARS protesters, to pay attention to the recent riots in Mali and Sudan, where government-backed security forces killed and arrested dozens of protesters, but at the end of the day, popular will prevailed.

He wondered why the Bukhari regime was trying to target peaceful protesters who demanded that their rights be protected from harassment, torture and brutality by the recently disbanded Nigerian Special Police Force (SARS) unit during the assassination. Fulani shepherds, bandits and rebels of Boko Haram are not pursued with such zeal.

He said it was ironic that while the Lagos State government ordered the unconditional release of more than 250 people believed to have hijacked the #EndSARS protests for criminal activity, the federal government is acting against those who peacefully protested.

According to a Bayelsa-based political activist, most of the current AKN leaders, including Bukhari, protested against the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2012 and 2015, but the government did not attack, harass, or intimidate. , arrested and prosecuted none of them like them. currently, peaceful protesters are holding #EndSARs.

He said that members of the Bukhari administration will not be able to escape justice in the international community, even if they disguise themselves as official power in order to hide their excesses.

He said that following the ongoing witch-hunt of #EndSARS protesters, Nigerians in the diaspora have formed a 14-member committee to identify and document property belonging to current government officials.

He said that after collection, the list will be attached to the petition to the governments of the countries where the property is located.

He said such governments should investigate the sources of funding in search of property and require the confiscation of the illegally acquired property.

He called on Nigerians to stand firm in their determination to end looting, corruption, brutality and impunity in the country, regardless of any act of aggression against them by the current administration.


Comrade Timi Frank
Political activist and former Deputy National Secretary of Advertising for the All Progressives Congress (APC)

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