Tinubu’s full statement about the shooting of Lekka

I am deeply saddened by those who died or were injured during these protests.

2. My deepest condolences to their families and loved ones, because no one had to pay such a high price. My career as an active politician spans nearly three decades.

3. During this time, I have seen many things as Nigeria has fought, at times against itself, to take the often painful but unforgiving road to a responsible and protective democratic government of the people.

4. Here, let me turn directly against me. I was wrongly accused of having ordered the deployment of soldiers against peaceful demonstrators in Lecchi on 20 October 2020.

5. This accusation is a complete and terrible lie. I did not order this or any attack on anyone. I would never want such a vile event to happen, and I did not know in advance about this sad event.

6. I firmly believe that no one should be harassed, injured or possibly killed because they have the constitutional right to contribute to a better and more just society.

7. As a politician, I am used to people who ascribe to me all sorts of unreasonable acts that I do not suspect and in which I have not participated. I used to ignore untruths, such as the cost of being in public.

8. It’s different this time. Now I am accused of inviting soldiers to kill my own people. This accusation is the most heinous lie.

9. The use of strong force against any peaceful demonstrator has no justification, it completely goes beyond the norms of a democratic society and a progressive political culture to which I aspire and have dedicated my public life.

10. It is understandable that people were outraged by reports of violence and death.
It is clear that the outraged people tried to bring someone to justice.

11. For various reasons, I have become the most accessible scapegoat. Some people don’t like me because they believe in the false rumors that have been spreading about me over the years. Some have slandered my name because they hide ulterior motives and accept unpaid political bills that they intend to settle.

12. A week ago, these people tried to sow animosity between me and the state government and the federal government, claiming that I sponsored the protests.

13. When that didn’t work, they tried to sow animosity between me and the people, saying that I ordered the soldiers to suppress the same protests they accused me of organizing.

14. My opponents have every right to oppose me politically, but let them have the courage to do it openly, openly and use evil facts, not fictions, in their efforts against me.

15. They have no right to slander and slander anyone who has terrible and heinous inventions thrown at my feet.

16. Those who choose to hate me will hate me regardless of the truth. Again, they have the right to think as best they can, and I am not worried about their unfounded hostility. I do not speak to them today. I leave their work to their conscience.

17. The libel against me is based on the fact that I own the concession at the toll station. The hate traffickers intimidate that I ordered the assault on Lekka because the protests made me lose money due to interruptions in toll booths.

18. I ask people to thoroughly investigate my alleged ownership of the cash register. As you study the facts, instead of letting gossip influence you, you will find that I have no ownership or participation in the toll collection point.

19. After all, a motorway exit is a public good. If it is reopened, the proceeds are to be donated to confirmed victims of the attack on Lekki and other identifiable victims of police brutality in Lagos.

20. Allow the government to use the money to compensate and care for those who have lost their lives or health in the struggle to ensure that all citizens can enjoy a quiet and peaceful life without fear of undue persecution in one place or another. block.

21. On the other hand, I am actually a financial promoter and investor in The Nation and TVC. It was widely known and circulated on social networks that some attackers would take advantage of the situation to attack the structures of the Nation newspaper and TVC.

22. These elements, mostly mercenaries of my political opponents, wreaked havoc on them and destroyed these buildings and structures, and I thank God that the staff of these two media managed to escape largely unharmed.

23. There is no logic that adequately explains why I would order soldiers to expel peaceful protesters from a toll station where I have no financial interest, however I prefer to do nothing to protect my investment in Nation and TVC.

24. The kind and creative people of Lagos have worked for many years to transform it into the dynamic economic and cultural center that it has become. Lagos has had stable and continuous growth for over two decades.

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